I wonder if connected to the dreadful Pilot Whale stranding of the last few days?

And drawing back and seeing the bigger picture, the Pacific Plate remains highly active, including a major shake in the Philippines.

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The sonar tests around us coastline was met with massive complaints so 'they' went silent in media. Messing with weather and aquatic guidance has taken us to this horrible global mess. So this makes sense that its related.

Alert NZ - Please read Elanas comment here on the supposed Meteor over NZ

feel free to drop in and brainstorm this

think 5 eyes - think globally

Do you remember when Ian used to say an earthquake on Worsleys Track would be the precurser to a volcanic vent opening up in Westmortland? On Sunday 29th Jan (same day as Spark outage) my children and I were on Birdlings Flat fishing when the small 3.1 hit about 3;30pm, and it sent many people running and looking around and the shock that came through the shingle was amazing for such a small quake. On the way back passing past where the fires are raging now my son commented on how cool the hills looked compared to winter time to which I replied one spark is all it will need to start a big fire! I wish Dad was hear to crunch the numbers but he saw what he thought was a volcanic vent, I had the same vision but in a dream, I couldn't put it together other than I felt completly safe from where I was but I knew for those close it ment their homes and livelyhood.

Image result for port hills fireImage result for port hills fire

I thought about Ian when I saw all this unfolding.

He was always fixated on certain locations in the Port Hills, and I suspect he's looking down on me from afar and saying "what did I tell you Martin?"

And it's funny, just yesterday in chat I said to Rose that the smoke looked like a volcanic plume. It could well be that Ian remote viewed this scene and assumed it to be volcanic!

I have posted this because at 1:30 pm today I checked out the eq drums and noticed slow slip activity at the Oxford drum as well as a smaller register on the Te Kaha drum a few hours before the Oxford drum started rattling, then at 2:15 a 4.8 near Culverden struck. I noticed this type of signature for a couple of days leading up to the Kaikoura quake but on a larger scale on the Lake Taylor drum as well as activity on the volcanic drums. Just something maybe to check out if you are intrested.

The Taupo drum over the last 24 hours. Tongariro and Ngauruhoe are also showing something similar.

Cern,2017: What can we expect?

Sure will start looking out for that Lee. I notice there are a lot of quakes small shallow north west Turangi in the last ten hours. The last week actually. And there have been some very deep in that area as well.

Still a lot showing . Turangi 25 quakes last 2 hrs


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