US army chiefs are to be handed a laser weapon that developers say will blast drones from the sky.

Weapon manufacturing giant Lockheed Martin says it has finished a 60-kilowatt laser system that will be handed to the Army for further testing.

First tests on the tank saw it reach 58 kilowatts of power but bosses at Lockheed believe it will fulfil its full potential in the next few months as development continues.

The “combined fibre” laser beam uses several lasers to form a larger, stronger beam.

Credits: Lockheed Martin© Provided by Trinity Mirror Plc Credits: Lockheed Martin Lockheed has been testing the new mega weapon, that experts believe will change the face of warfare, in Washington state.

Now it is expected to transport the tank to an army base in Alabama.

Robert Afzal, senior fellow for laser and sensor systems at Lockheed Martin, said: “We’re really at the dawn of an era of the utility of laser weapons.”

Credits: Lockheed Martin© Provided by Trinity Mirror Plc Credits: Lockheed Martin He added that special vehicles “can now carry something which is small enough and powerful enough for what we believe will be militarily useful.”

Boeing has also been testing similar weapons and shared a video in 2014 of a 10-kilowatt laser destroying an airborne mortar.

Military experts are particularly excited about the developments because firing laser weapons will cost a fraction of the price of firing traditional weapons, be more accurate and will not require reloading.

Credits: Lockheed Martin© Provided by Trinity Mirror Plc Credits: Lockheed Martin Mark Gunzinger, a senior fellow at the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments, described a recent incident in which a US ally had used a multimillion-dollar Patriot missile to destroy a quad-copter similar to those easily bought in toy shops.

He told the Washington Post: “That’s $3 million to shoot down a three-or-four-hundred-dollar drone. . . . What if you could do that with a beam of light that costs a buck?”

The US army is already testing other laser weapons, however the latest Lockheed design is thought to be more powerful and portable.


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Reminds me of the Paul Walker video where it is claimed a drone strike took him out, for me it looked like an energy based weapon. Like the strange v winged objects that were regularly observed in the American mid west in the 60's and 70's, then in the early 90's they unveiled the stealth bomber to the masses. How long have they really had this and how much more advanced are they than what they are letting on!

And this is a video from 2010 on the navy successfully testing an energy based weapon.

Found this one, the test was from 2004

And my brother and I were watching just watching a video on the gun that aims itself and an intresting observation at the 4:45 mark, note the 6th thing the laser guided sight has to take into account to make a successful shot of the target!

That was a trip Lee.

Lest we forget the Gulf 'oil spill'

My understanding is that if they are going public about it they've been using it for years already. And whatever it was a lot of us saw over the skies of NZ around Feb 23rd-25th could be related to this.

From what I saw and heard...well meteors my ass is all I can say .

Note that the Alaskan HAARP array is in use again. I don't know if they had started already when we had our "night light displays", but it seems significant they went public the same week. Article 21st Feb.

What with all the amping up of new space tech and related activities they are up to in Antarctica I'm expecting greater levels of covert oddness.

See my reply to Clyde CPJ.

Connections galore!

The question is just how much longer can our planet handle the energy technologies without something flipping the switch and Earth just literally cracks up into pieces.  We've seen what she's already been subjected to and it continues to get worse and worse.

All the needless destruction is part of the plan.

As a cosmic entity hurtling through spacetime I expect the earth will eventually right herself. But for the natural inhabitants its all very hurtful right now.

Using our justified anger to bring the authority of this planet into question will be a day for celebration.

Related image

Meanwhile back in Kansas

March 17, 2017
Urgent national planning for a devastating magnitude-8.2 rupture of the Alpine Fault is underway with a formal plan to be released next year.
In meeting rooms across the South Island hundreds of people have been talking about a disaster high in the mountains above.
The scenario posits an earthquake of an 8.2 magnitude, centred near Haast, with a rupture length of approximately 400 KM (248 Miles). ...

See more

Yep Rose, caught that article the other day and thought UH OH.

What with the current civil defence ads on telly detailing what type of earthquakes trigger tsunamis, makes me wonder what they are planning next.

From the dept of Civil Defence. The Future of National Emergency Management conference 2017, which they have interestingly titled "making it happen". Wellington 7-9 June.


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