There is so much on the internet (bless the internet) presented by reputible and well informed persons regarding everything from the power of love to form beautiful ice crystals to Nibiru...

the wiring of the world and ULF's....

the silent nuclear war...Agenda 21,

GMO's....flouride, 911, manufactured earthquakes and severe weather....aliens....the 13 bloodlines known as the "illumaniti"...microwave weaponry, control, mind control, vaccines,

chemtrails, corexit, aspartame, errosion of civil rights thru petty laws,

so on and so forth.

While checking all this stuff out, it's difficult to form a picture of what is going on that includes everything.


What is actually going on here on planet earth?


A pictue is beginning to form that explains everything from the ancient undergroud

structure at Derinkuyu to the billion dollar kevlar roof at the New World Airport in Denver, CO.

It explains the Georgia guidestones, lost civiliations, the pyramids and other ancient structures,

cave drawings, earth changes, the bible, fracking, etc.


Anyone want to talk?  My ideas along these lines are very difficult to swallow without the supporting research.  But it probably time to approach the subject.


he advantage of knowing what is going on can open the door to the next question:

What do we do now?


Any takers?


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Meaning of life

Protecting the biggest secret on Earth - 'hallow earth' where civilization has evolved uninterrupted. The evidence pointing towards this is overwhelming... Surface conspiracy are fringe conspiracies, scratch below the surface...


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