A Word of Warning and Russia's New Electromagnetic Missile to Turn Enemy Weapons Into 'Scrap Metal'

From Email ~ Laurens Battis

We are experiencing a fundamental shift in how Russia will conduct its affairs with regard to coexisting with the US. We are now up to our ears in alligators and Trump shows no signs of having the will or the means to drain any swamps. Russia has lost patience and we are now embroiled in an arms race that America will go bankrupt from unless the US starts successfully invading oil patch countries including Venezuela outright and stealing their oil directly. The proxy clients such as the Kurds are far too obvious now and anyone with a brain sees throught them. "American Empire in the 21st Century," truly has no clothes. As the petro-dollar crumbles and more countries turn away from doing business in America's fiat-currency the entire sanctions and petro-dollars house of cards is poised to crumble. What America, via it's SOCOM's will attempt to do next will not be pretty and all will teeter on the edge of full-scale military conflicts while this genie gets stuffed back into its bottle. I see Orwell's bifurcated (Hegelian) World scenario unfolding as was so ably predicted in the 1950's.  -LB

Russia Cannot Continue Cutting Nuclear Arsenal in Tandem With US – Mission to UN  |  https://sptnkne.ws/f7Gf  -  https://sputniknews.com/russia/201709281057767163-russia-nuclear-we...

The Russian mission to the UN said in a statement Wednesday that Russia couldn't continue cutting its nuclear arsenal under the deal with the US only.

Russia's New Electromagnetic Missile to Turn Enemy Weapons Into 'Scrap Metal'  |  https://sptnkne.ws/f7Mz  -  https://sputniknews.com/russia/201709281057772549-russia-electromag...

Russia is developing radio-electronic weapons, which use a powerful UHF impulse capable of destroying all electronic equipment miles away, a senior advisor to the deputy head of Radio-Electronic Technologies Concern (KRET) told Sputnik.

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That is what I am here for.

I Love you CP, we are all in it together!

It could be said never under estimate an ememy or other wise,  this site is not what I would call msm, same message though,,,


When you want something to be true, specially with a big enough incentive for people in general to think it is, well then you have created it through the power of thought.

 Now all you have to do is create for Kim a rocket to carry the bloody thing...

Confucius say

"Choose propaganda very carefully. Choose no propaganda; happy life..."

this tech will disable every car with a computer.

my 88 Hilux diesel will keep on chugging,  even though I may be just a pile of dust on the front seat

This seems to fit well here.

An interesting piece .http://www.wired.co.uk/article/innovation-will-win-the-coming-cyber... General Sir Richard Barrons was Commander, Joint Forces Command, from 2013 to 2016


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