Americans SICK After Finding Out What Costco Has Been Sneaking Into Every Purchase For Months

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Altho I'm at a point where I'm ready to ditch meat from my own personal diet I still strongly reckon that growing children and menstruating or pregnant females need to get their iron and B12 from somewhere but all too often go without.

Hey Joan:  How did you know I've spent the last week dealing specifically with the idea of giving up meat?  I'm about to move into a new house and leave this space for  my daughter to craft her own life without me around....and vice versa.  The question as I face the empty kitchen is ..... what will you be eating?  Right now my daughter eats "ketogenic" meaning meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds.  No fruit.  Little dairy. No grains. Don't have a clue how she does it but I know it's not for me.  And....there is meat and there is meat.  The meat around here is all pasture raised by farming families.  STILL..the idea of grabbing a lamb and having to snuff the life out of it so I can have lamb chops seems....seems....unnatural.  Then there is the idea of bringing the body more into harmony with spiritual growth.  Killing (or having someone else do the killing for you) and devouring flesh doesn't seem in line with expanded perceptions and self realization.  Most of the vegetarians I know eat a lot of grain and cheese and beans.  That doesn't feel right either. After surfing youtube for hours listening to vegetarians and recipes...I still don't feel like I have found a sensible, logical solution......but am not giving up.

Meanwhile...this reality certainly does seem holographic in nature. The powers that be manipulate this reality through symbols, rituals and vibration.  Can we not do the same to balance the wave of darkness cast upon this world?  

Things have gotten much more strange in recent years.  This evening I caught the sunset and noticed the eastern sky was also brightly lit a second sunset.

It's hard to know how to be in the world.

Hi Rainbow!  I have the very same thoughts about meat eating.  Surely there is some kind of balanced diet that excludes meat while leaving the body feeling light but satisfied.  Just not sure what it is.....yet.

This planet and its inhabitants are controlled by non-terrestrials; discarnate entities that seed thoughts of judgment, 'separation', anger and fear to generate LOOSH (negative human emotional energy) upon which they thrive energetically.  

What if Halal meat gets the ball rolling? Wakes people up to unlabelled toxic gmo food, toxic fluoridated water, nanotech particulates from chem-trails altering human DNA, and wireless technology that causes cancer? And what about our daily bread and milk?

Now, that would be a good thing, yes, b/c otherwise silence is agreement.

Where is the outrage?

Ample tests now exist, independent of Monsanto and other corrupt industry sources demonstrating to an alarming degree that the exposure of human and animal species to glyphosate-based herbicides or weed-killers can cause cancer tumors but can also be damaging to human sexual reproduction, that is, as in the future of the human species.


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