Australian parents who don’t vaccinate their children will be fined $14 per week by the authoritarian regime

Australian parents who don’t vaccinate their children will be fined $14 per week by the authoritarian regime

Image: Australian parents who don’t vaccinate their children will be fined $14 per week by the authoritarian"/>

(Natural News) If you live in Australia and want to exercise your right not to vaccinate your kids, you’d better be prepared to pay for that privilege. The new federal budget will see parents who don’t vaccinate losing AUD$14 per week, which equates to around USD$10.49 at today’s rate, from their family tax benefit payments. The measure will be set in motion starting July 2018, and it is expected to raise millions of dollars while punishing those who don’t want to vaccinate their kids.

Health Minister Greg Hunt and Social Services Minister Christian Porter have said that taking this approach rather than withholding a supplement at the end of the year would be a good way to constantly remind parents that they need to vaccinate their kids. It will also apply to families who do not get their four-year-olds a health check, which presumably is yet another way to try to push vaccines on kids.

Families who want to catch up on their vaccines will be able to do so for free under a $14 million program. The government will also spend $5 million to promote the benefits of vaccination in areas that have lower immunization rates, such as the far north coast of New South Wales.

Australia is a hostile place for anti-vaxxers

Most countries take a dim view of those who oppose vaccines, but Australia is a particularly unfriendly place for them. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s “No Jab, No Play” policy excludes kids who haven’t been vaccinated from going to preschool or childcare unless they have an official medical exemption. “Vaccine objection” would not be considered a valid reason to skip the shots under the proposal. Laws that prevent unvaccinated children from going to school already exist in some parts of Australia, including Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales.

Meanwhile, the recently updated vaccination standards of The Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia urged members of the public to report any midwives and nurses who are sharing beliefs that could be construed as opposing vaccination.

In addition, some Australian children are being denied medical treatment because their immunizations are not up to date. A poll of more than 2,000 parents found that one out of every six children who were not current on their vaccinations had been refused care. According to that study, 95 percent of the country’s children were fully vaccinated despite the fact that a third of parents had concerns and one-tenth of parents felt vaccines could be behind autism.

Vaccine injury reports average at 125 per day in our nation, which is hardly a drop in the bucket. In 2016, more than 45,000 adverse events following vaccinations were reported, some of which were life-threatening. This only pertains to the cases that were actually reported; many are never reported because the parents don’t understand the process or have been convinced by medical professionals that doing so is not necessary.

Vaccines are loaded with dangerous chemicals, chemical adjuvants and other toxins that can cause many adverse effects, including death. While the Australian government seems to think this financial punishment will serve as quite a deterrent, it’s safe to assume that many parents will be all too glad to part with AUD$14 to avoid having to shoot their children up with formaldehyde, aluminum and mercury, among other toxins.


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Who remembers that item we published here not too long ago about the Assie vaccine situationscore., and there was an image of Turnbull posing with the mum and babe?

Someone commentad about Turnbull's pose with the downward pointing finger being a signal?

I scoured the net for some esoteric secret meaning without success.

It's meaning is "touchdown!". As in Aussie league score.

Last week I watched a video about something, I don't remember what, but it started with an unrelated segment. It stated the Queen of England was not only the largest landowner in the world but owned 3 entire Countries, Australia, Canada and England. It then switched to the inauguration of Trudeau in Canada where he swore his allegiance, not to Canada or Canada's Constitution, but he swore allegiance to the Queen of England. Nobody in these Countries own the land they live on, they only own a title. Here's the point, once you give up your guns, you give up all your other rights. When they voted a few years back to take your guns, you should have marched in, shot the CongressCritters that voted for it, then said, OK, lets vote again. You're lucky to only pay a fine. It can, and probably will, get much worse.

I'm anti war anti gun personally, so I say abolish all guns!

Every gun purchased is profit for the warmongers.

Here in NZ we only use guns for hunting cute fluffy mammals, but every now and then some maniac goes on a shooting spree.


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