Breaking Harvard Scientists Announce Bill Gates Funded Chemtrail Plan and more

Harvard Scientists Announce Bill Gates Funded Chemtrail Plan

In the world’s biggest chemtrails experiment on the public, A $20 million Harvard University project will send aerosol injections up into the earth’s stratosphere. It is well-funded and well-branded from within the intellectual community. A pair of Harvard Scientists is preparing for this small scale chemical experiment.

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Conspiracy Theory No More, Harvard Reveals Big Oil-Approved ‘Stratospheric Injection’ Geoengineering
Officially kicking rumors of ‘chemtrails’ into overdrive, Harvard scientists announced the launch of a $20 million geoengineering program, set to kick off mere weeks from now — the first such project this comprehensive in scope — in a bid to stave off 
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NATO General & Judicial Watch want answers about GeoEngineering/Climate Change

Preface by TLB Staff

As with all programs of Global control by the 1% Power Elite, we are seeing their management working in “panic mode” as the masses are awakening to the realty that something is not right.

MS Media has, and is, playing its part in providing distraction and mis-information with such phrases as “being researched” … “could be used in the near future” … “governance is still being debated” …  “the dangers need to be considered” … etc. All of this ‘so called discussion’ is always covered under the umbrella of ‘Climate Change’. If GeoEngineering is covered in a story it is always something off in the future.

Part of what is happening, and the reason for Panic Mode in making these programs legal, is the Elite’s desire to avoid action against them under International Law and some Federal laws. To that end MS Media is again being their attack dog telling us everything is being looked into, (move along nothing to see here) while behind the curtain the “Boys from Harvard” are continuing to spend money from Bill Gates to keep GeoEngineering Up in the Sky and out of Court. (TLB)

All that time to kill off 50,000 children with vaccines was small time for our bill.

Now he can spray millions, fuck the planet & make even more billions of $$$$ for big pharma with a half sick population.

Oh it helps to have some tame Phds to blame if things go more wrong than planned.

Shades of Stalins "useful idiots" responsible for 23 million deaths.

Thanks Baza, nailed that in my humble opinion

Simon Parkes has info on chemtrails at beginning of his latest interview:

Couldn't resist


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