Breaking News: B.C. wildfire update also U.S. Wildfires

More than 10,000 people are under evacuation orders as firefighters battle more than 220 wildfires in the B.C. Interior. Click here for more details. 

*Fires marked with flame are fires burning out of control that could affect communities.

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burning people out of nonurban living ,killing all wild food sources also ...poor poor animals ,being developed out of their homes near urban expansion zones and burned out of their homes in the mountains 

The US Forest Service is no longer allowing its employees to do controlled burns in Northern California intentionally, in my opinion, setting it up for major conflagrations. Last summer, and the one before it, saw numerous fires in Washington state that were suspicious. What better way to effectively depopulate these "wilderness areas" on behalf of Agenda 21. 

yeah...alot of planned incompetence going someone on facebook used the top map posted of the fires in bc and put it up against the path of the proposed pipeline up there ...a pretty convenient  match ive noticed when they have approved an area of development ,road expansion ,or whatnot ,they put up strong antenna a year before ,while theyre pretending to have public input meetings when the outcome has already been long before decided , that ends up conveniently killing the insides of the old trees ...not a lick of common sense or care for humanity and the earth whatsoever when money is involved 

Wonder how radioactive those fires are with the fukushima waste thats blown into that region.

CLif Highs data said that the inland area would burn and the coastal areas would flood... that time is coming


Take a look at this picture. Dry lightening hitting s/meters will set that house on fire. S/meters on any home is a match waiting to be struck. Above pic the trees at the very top seem to be ok still standing but all mobile homes not. Have to remember that geoengineering the weather with aluminium, barium, strontium and all the other deadly shit will keep burning. There is literally no natural weather at this point, none. I look upon this as deliberate. So what's the plan....getting small communities moved....

Agenda 21 Population Control Map for USA:

Bingo! We had the same phenomenon here in the recent Port Hills fire: Houses burned down and the trees surrounding still Ok.

Friend In BC has been keeping me up to date with the radical chemtrailing they've been having past few months. Along with recent "lights in the sky ufo activity" he's been wondering what they were up to.

Mailed me on the weekend saying its never been this hot... ever. Now we have some answers.

Yep Rose I was thinking of that Clif High data. 


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