Britain faces huge costs to avoid power shortages with electric car plan

I Love Being Right (Who doesn't?)

Several years ago, the last time there was a lot of hype surrounding EV's and talk of potential restrictions on the Bogey Engine: Diesel, I decided to do a bit of basic arithmetic for fun.

I went to Taiwan in 2002 to visit EVT, the worlds best Electric Scooter maker and see their factory in Kaohsiung with a hope of importing them to NZ.

I thought the time was right. I was wrong.

I decided they would be way too expensive and could not compete, in spite of having only two moving parts, (with the motor being in the rear wheel) and a plan to introduce Lithium Ion Batteries (which has only happened recently), the main reason they were selling well in Taiwan was that, with more than 25 000 000 two stroke scooters and air like pea soup, the Government paid 30% of the price for each Electric Scooter sold.

The place was a Scooter Mechanic's (me) wet dream or rather, stinky nightmare.

I walked around laughing my head off and wondering how the MUCK you would ever find YOUR scooter amongst the endless rows parked everywhere in every city.

At intersections (virtually all intersections had traffic lights) there were TWO stop lines with a big scooter painted on the road behind the first. For the traffic to function at all the scooters had to go in front of the cars and start first when the (horizontal) light went green, and when this happened it was like a major Tank Battle in WW2: The Noise, clatter, screeching, beeping and HUGE clouds of toxic two stroke smoke had to be seen to be believed.

I nearly laughed (and choked) myself to death and took heaps of video; these guys had a MAJOR problem! No wonder the Gov had to subsidise EV's....

I searched high and lo amongst rows of thousands of scooters in several cities and found ONE EVT, thats in spite of the subsidy; this did not bode well but then the whole country is virtually cityscape and scooters so it would take a long time to be noticed, and they were selling well, I even went to a sales fair in Tai Ching and sold several for them, which was strange as NO ONE spoke English...

Anyway, I was right about being wrong as they have not taken off in NZ (I don't think there is an importer) and its even just as bad in Taiwan now according to a friend of mine who lives there. You also have to take into account that scooters are the perfect electric Vehicle.

So knowing this and the dire state of the Electrical Infrastructure in most countries, not to mention the imminent need to decommission hundreds of Nuclear Experiment Plants, I had(still) no faith in the supposed big breakthrough of EV's.

To prove my theory that the volume of Petrol used was very hard, if not impossible (with todays standard) to be substituted for Electricity to drive all the cars I obtained stats on volume of Petrol sales for Sweden as they were the easiest to find.

I then found out the approximate (there is SO MUCH power in Petrol by volume its a debate how much) amount of energy in 1L of Petrol in KJ and multiplied that by the volume to give me an approximate power requirement per one year.

Then, I reduced this figure by about 25% to account for the electric motor being more efficient.

There was more to this that I can't remember and it took me all day so I'm not going to repeat it but the figures I got although not very accurate after conversion resulted in a country like NZ having to virtually double its power generating capacity for all the cars to be electric.

So I proved I was right, about being wrong but now I'm right, again.

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