Confirmed. Pedogate Is Real, Attorney General Sessions Speaks.

Sunday, June 11, 2017 14:28
(Before It's News)

PizzaGate: Pedogate is Real, Attorney General Sessions Speaks! (Video)

On Tuesday June 6,2017, In Atlanta, GA, Attorney General Sessions spoke to 1,500 Law Enforcement Officials and victim support councils that had gathered at the National Law Enforcement Conference On Human Exploitation. During Sessions Speech he laid out a clear message that President Trump was no longer going to tolerate Pedophiles trafficking children. Unlike previous Attorney Generals who would actually cover for high profile pedophiles, Sessions declared that stopping child abuse,and child exploitation by way of prosecution would be his top priority. 

“I know from my experience working these cases in Alabama that you are stopping people [who], if not stopped, will continue to abuse more and more people. A lot of people don’t like incarceration. But the reality is, and I wish it weren’t so, that incarceration seems to be in many cases the only thing that would protect children….

Child abuse and child exploitation cases are a high priority for me as United States Attorney and they will be a high priority now for me as Attorney General. And I want you to know that we can, we are now, and we will continue. You will make a difference in this fight and protect children that need to be protected and deserve our protection in every single way….”

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Watch the rats run.

We shall see.In the US we occasionally hear high sounding words from the sharks on their intentions to see the right prevail.The most it ever amounts to is a lot of noise and the prosecution of a few low level offenders.It's like George Carlin observed,"These guys don't investigate themselves."

What about the rings that the CIA run. I want to see Podesta arrested and HIllary, those email proved they are involved but you don't hear shit about that. And better start with some of these  organizations that supply them to the elite pedophiles. Don't hear about the elites that will be arrested and they are the worst and the government. I don't believe they aren't using these kids in underground bases like n MK Ultra and Monarch.


Hope this truly happens to protect the children and remove the predators from society


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