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The astronauts were hoodwinked into lying under the bigger lie that they would really be going there soon. Then there would have been death threats. 

For those who haven't heard my opinion before:

Of course we went to the moon. Many times. My days of trying to convince unbelievers are done. But for the record, the "moon landing hoax" is a hoax. A diversion. What the astronauts are lying about is what they found on the moon. Our moon is either completely hollow, or at least partially so, and is not likely to be a natural satellite.

I am very sceptical, as all the regulars here will know, about extra-terrestrial visitation to the Earth. But if there is any evidence worth considering, it's looking back at you in the night sky.

Elon Musk has probably abandoned plans to go to the moon because he's not allowed to do it.

That, and the likelihood that, as his statement indicates, there are now better and more advanced ways of getting there than firecrackers. Chances are that the secret space program already uses more advanced methods of tripping to the moon which they are keeping under wraps.

The "lunar landing hoax" story makes a handy disinfo cover for such clandestine activities as a secret space program, just as UFOs made a handy cover for Stealth, the U2 and the SR71.

I'm stating an opinion for the record and that's all

With all due respect to your opinion, Martin, the hard data indicates otherwise.  It's not hidden. It's not even complicated.  It's just very difficult to see and fully realize.  

The sheer size of the lies and deceptions is incomprehensible to our gentle human mindscape.

We easily believe in gravity and think of it as "science" and not a religion.  The fact it has never been scientifically proven...AT ALL....doesn't seem to matter. That is where I started in my to prove gravity?  Gravity is the fast answer to so many questions about our world, yet it is simply a belief....or an assumption....not a proven fact.  If you take the theory of gravity out of the equation, none of the description by "science" about our world works.

However, we have seen over and over again that facts don't really matter on a huge range of topics from vaccines to GMO's to chemtrails and microwaves. 

I remember seeing a funny T-shirt some years back that said:

"There is no gravity - the earth sucks"

It stuck with me....and now I see it was even funnier than I remember.

I knew my comments would get you stirred up VL

Since "hard data" can be drummed up for any viewpoint, it's another debate-a-go-round.

I say to you what I said to James: If you believe the world is flat, then it's flat for you!

Peace and respect


Martin!  Are you pushing my buttons again?

I agree about the "hard data" which is why I use my own observations.

Image result for catalina from long beach

I look at a distant landmark then do the math.  Above is Catalina Island from the mainland. There should be nearly 600' of curvature and there isn't. Stuff like that, personal observations, indicate something is fishy!  The earth may not be flat, but it certainly is NOT a spinning ball.

Sometimes I stand outside on windless nights and ask "Am I spinning through space at 500,000,000 MPH?  The earth itself rotates at 1,000 MPH which is faster than the speed of sound.

Wouldn't there be SOME evidence of this rotation? rivers that erode their west bank more than the right?  And how do all those constellations continue to perfectly ring the earth for thousands of years?  The stars should be different every night.

Speaking of math, for anyone interested CLICK HERE for an introduction to "Vortex Math".  It's quite exciting to see an application of mathematics with such harmony.  

Respect and peace back at ya', Martin.  As long as we practice both respect and peace, these conversations can continue for our amusement. You never fail to include this in your comments.  Thanks!


ME and my pals discussed this recently.

Here is a scenario : the moon landings were real, the video was fake.  IN some reports I read there was a possibility that the video footage that came back from the moon was rendered useless by the radiation during the trip. The cameras were not hardened, or they really had no idea that would happen.  So to show the world they went there, they had to fake some videos to show they went.  Imagine if they came back with nothing, people would be asking some serious questions.

Now that does not take into account the 'live' broadcasts of the trips, and I am not going to go about how those were faked, if they were faked at all.

Ghost Hacked, yes you are absolutely on the right track.

During the 70s, NASA handed out thousands of publicity packages to schools and researchers throughout the world. This was PR stuff and it was important that flags, logos etc were clearly visible. Hence many of the images were in fact either studio shots or montages.

While I won't bore anyone with the details, I am convinced they went and were muzzled about what they saw there.

Well, those guys in the press conference certainly look edgy and nervous, rather than exhilarated!

They look down-right depressed.  Like broken men.  Armstrong withdrew from public life shortly after this.  Any future interviews with him were very rare and always cryptic.

What's up with this? (From astronaut Don Pettit)

The taxpayers paid for that technology and they can't even make notes?

What complete rot and hogwash.



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