Haarp, Chemtrails, Emotions, Sound frequencies, Mind Control, our DNA

At about 55:00 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UnlBVrUVWec Climate change a global boogie-man, (geoengineering our skies), like 9/11, alien contract another boogie-man. @ 1:02:46 Haarp, emotions, sound frequencies, 64 possible codes in our amino acids in our DNA structures, from carbon oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, we only have 20 active codes running in our bodies. Fear is the weapon. How to protect from scalar waves? Wear a hat. In hot climates use a straw hat. Fill it up with an extra layer of isolation material or compressed straw/hay/wool. The more layers the better, we recommend to use wool. In cool climates, use a wooden hat. Be aware of the fact that the whole body operates as an antenna. Wearing a hat protects u from EEG tracking (identity) from satellites. There are more than 6,000 satellites operative, they can also use them under a horizontal angle from the objective. In the near future they will be able to make a EEG-scan horizontally, so protect your forehead. Use isolation or organic material to install a protective layer in your house. Make sure your windows are covered as well by using thick or multiple curtains. Protect your electrical systems by applying organic layers. How to protect from ELF waves? Make a cage of Faraday or use electric shielding. Some satellites are able to make a X-ray scan. They can do real time thermo filming. When the sky is totally covered with clouds a visual is not possible. At the moment software is developed to see through clouds and compensate the disturbance of the rain for a clear sound. Israel, the UN and NATO are instruments of the NWO-group. Making an EEG-scan of your brain takes a few minutes, but development is going on and very soon it will take less than a minute. Your unique EEG pattern will be stored in a database. You can be tracked at any time at any place on this planet. They are trying to unfold their NWO agenda through staged events and proxy wars. Unless you have got yourself shielded with organic layers as described before. Special clothes need to be developed. People should step into this shielding clothes market. The top stone of their pyramid represents partly a satellite “mind” surveillance system. They can track your EEG pattern even when it’s cloudy. Systems are being developed for automaticity scanning people’s EEG. 24/7 datamining the places you visit, the people you meet, your emotional statue, analyse the intensions you carry etc.. Remote influencing and tracking you from satellites and ground stations.

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I love the bit at about 1hr:11:  So true

Oh! isn't this fun....

I think we need to put aluminum foil cover inside the hat we wear...No joking... When I put alumnium foil around my old   LG phone and call it then I get this replay " the mobile can not be reached-it is either shut of or out of area" ...Well now I tried the aluminum foil around my Samsung Galaxy III and I got same replay.. So..the old tin foil hat theory is not a hoax ;-)..

I felt specially one time as I was getting bombarded from my laptop - like a laser needle prick into my scull burning feeling ( I know how laser feel on the skin from therapy) so I decided to make a tin foil helmet and had it covering all bones in the scull on the side of my ears- covering my eybrow and totally down to the neck..Well..the strange feeling in my head and the burning feeling needle pricking stopped but I felt like a pricking to the tin foil..

So try this at home ;-)..

It does work indeed Ingaorama

ok, what about the foam mattress?

Hi Josephine. I heard about natural rubber mattresses are a good thing. Also air mattresses can be used. Don't know about foam, depends what there're made from....

When I became aware of the springs in my bed and my sickness due to wi-fi, I started sleeping in the lounge on a foam mattress.  Much better sleep and less cooking.

Tried to tell you folk about this years ago but no one took the bait.

INGAORAMA I line my cap works for me too. You can use silver cloth sewen inside too. Try different stuff...

You know after posting this and after sleeping with this image still in my brain. It's like OMG they knew about this connection, Tesla's coils. those creeps.

Remembering a few years ago watching Barrie Trower’s videos, there was one he said “that you can take a mattress coil bed” and use it as a reflector to emf’s. So I’m thinking if emfs are directed at you, going through you, then the coils are directing them back out, does that mean we’re getting a double dose of emfs. Sure we are. By the way that video from Barrie Trower is still there however what he said about the mattress coils it gone, oh gee what happened??? He also said that the bad boys are going to junk shops removing these mattress. Keep an eye open, seeing is believing. Just like they want you to buy all new appliances with zigbee chips in them. 
Maybe take your old mattress removed the padding, leave the frame and coils in place, use it to reflect emfs from behind or in front of your smart meters maybe it’ll jam the signal. Or whatever..garden...roof.. lets play...shall we...


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