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Happy Armistice Day, God BLESS All Veterans

Agreed.Shame that DC doesn't

Great article here George, sad but true.  Now if we can find a way to share this with all military and with those considering joining.  If we the people knew this truth and refused to partake any further, how would the global elite keep this charade going?  It's time for the truth to rise to the surface, thanks for sharing sir!

Considering the plethora of lies the public has been told concerning the centuries of wars we've been engaged in, I pray that the military personel will some day wake up to how they and we have been duped and used by the PTB to continue to 'fight' for our 'freedoms'.  It is a well known fact that most all conflicts and wars have been started under false pretenses by the banksters and global elite to perpetuate fear and to make money off of our backs, PERIOD!  As long as the masses and fighting 'soldiers' are asleep to these facts, it is unlikely that anything will change here, except for the very real possibility that all of mankind's troubles will get worse.  So sad that the masses have been so completely indoctrinated to believe that we're fighting for justice and freedom, when in reality there is little justice and a false sense of real freedom, but instead we are only adding to the enslavement of us all!  As many of you here are aware, this end game is leading to the agenda of 'singularity' which is the merging of mankind with AI.  There are signs of this all around us now, with cell phones, cell towers, smart meters, etc., and the constant barrage of TV programming.  How any of this plays out is still a mystery, but again, unless we wake the F up on a grand scale, humanity may very well be turned into robotic slaves.  We may already be half way there, and as everything continues to accelerate, time seems to running out in this 'game'.  Pray as though peace and a complete overhaul of our entire system is already here!  Close your eyes and see this world in peace and harmony for all!

Peace out, Todd the ezwriter.

AMEN to that Todd

Great post Todd.

I guess it wont be long before there is a military stand down 'cause those controlling this staged play can use new toys.   No people needed.

A new game is on the stage ... along with robots and cyborgs.

I've been following info stating that AI is beginning to infiltrate and control several areas of our very world.  Evidence that AI is compromising Bitcoin, the internet, and may be responsible for inciting false flags and manufacturing fake news.  Is it possible that we are being influenced in unknown ways by an AI 'entity'?  As always, do your own homework, but the evidence is out there that AI is indeed influencing what we think and believe.  If so, it's anybody's guess how long this has been going on, and how much influence is being done.  You can bet that it's been going on longer than we're being told, and of course realizing the influence of TV 'programming' and that it's been going on for decades, is any indication of how we've been indoctrinated, this would come as no surprise.  They are also considering putting chips in medications now as per the link below.  It's the Twilight Zone, 1984, and a brave new world all wrapped into one.  So what can we do?  Share the info, be kind to each other, and Be Love!  The plot thickens!


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