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Having read all the article on 5G and its dangers, it really is worrying that they have just decided to go along with it, with out safety concerns.

Makes you wonder if it is a depopulation issue as well. 

Great posts from every one as well....

oregon is quite a testing ground also cats pajamas ,ive lived here my whole life ,and thats just the stuff i know from personal experience.these techno creeps have been playing games with all of society for so long ....... i have no doubt a tower could do this . calcium efflux can cause schizophrenia ,microwaves/emf  cause calcium efflux via voltage gated calcium channels in the brain

That's interesting Deanna I heard that about Oregon. Seems anywhere a bit out of the way with a slightly isolated population is ideal for them to try stuff out. NZ is perfect example.

I have a friend with Schizo Affective Bipolar disorder...trauma based though, not from living near towers. But who knows what the constant increase in emfs do to people already struggling.

Thanks for the hint, he crashed recently so might try get him to test his calcium levels. Will talk to my naturopath.


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