It infuriates me to read articles like this while the rest of the NZ population sits in chosen ignorance and apathy, ironically in their smart homes, with smart meters, smart appliances...

NZ tops list of developed countries with most homeless – thanks National you do us proud

Well congratulations Nat government/corporation, you’ve now put us on another dubious ‘honour’ list. Most homeless?

Read more Rangatiki Environmental Health Watch

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Our government are bringing into our country 1000 refugees and sending them to Invercargill. I'm guessing Invercargill must have a lot of ''empty'' homes available !!!!!!

Yes they do - loads of Housing NZ homes for sale too Susan.  If you want to live in the most HAARPed (and cold) area of NZ, exist on the minimum wage, fight the elements (allbethey man made and manipulated now)  Invercargill is for you.

Shocked at your news.  refugees from where? I hope its Siberia, otherwise the weather conditions these people will be going into will NOT BE conducive to good health.

Don't I know it. Spent 5yrs there from age 18-23 then thankfully got the hell outa there. Had continuous toothache and 3 teeth rot right outa my head just from the cold in that place. Had to triple peg everything on the clothesline just so my laundry didn't blow away to godnose. Was in a 1950s built housingcorp unit too and the dirty folk in the flat below who never put out garbage had a mice problem inspite of them owning a cat they asked me to feed onetime while away and the blighters came up the pipes from below into my drying cupboard then got out and started climbing the curtains in the lounge they weren't shy. Folk there were friendly enuff but it's a harsh place.

The folk there are lovely - they say the further south you go, the better people get HOWEVER Morgellons is rampant in people that lived in this area...

not surprised at that Rose. I reckon they were up to their geoengineering tricks bk in the early 90s too when I spent 4mths on Stewart Is. and returned home to the north here sick as a dog, got admitted to hospital and a top specialist brought up from the city to check me out for my 'mystery illness' could not figure out a diagnosis. Lucky I got well on my own again with pure wilful intent and some bedrest.

A member here came from Invercargill. Was horrific to watch her fight morgellons, all her children infected and then her dog...

Sorry to hear, that is rough.

All approved by 4 ex PMs SUSAN... guess now the cits of enzed need some 'other' approval to squeak it through now given we have the 42K homeless. And Napier was intending to charge beggars for asking for money I note, now withdrawn. We're as low as we can go by hte looks.

Love the 'Godnose' RC  and the rats? ugh!

 And Morgellons Rose? I didn't know that. 

And how many state houses sit empty?

there are 3K empty in Tamaki all land banked by the Nats since 2012. 


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