Former Prime Minister John Key has reportedly sold most of his sprawling Parnell property to a buyer in China.
NZME reports Mr Key and wife Bronagh pocketed around $20 million, keeping only around 650 square metres of the original 2340 square-metre site.
It's believed the couple are planning to build a smaller house where the tennis court currently sits.
The Keys didn't respond to a request for comment.

Yeah. Says it all really.

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SO WHAT'S he really up to? That new home will be his batch of sorts while he does other yet unknown stuff no doubt. I wonder.

I'd like to know who the Chinese buyer is and what the arrangement is about? Note that Jonky keeps a small corner of the property. The whole thing seems rather fishy to me.

"A strong and resilient relationship with china" AAARRRGHH!! If I hear the "R" word once more....!

"Who were the mysterious Chinese Key met with who wanted the Union Jack removed from our flag? There was an amazingly telling quote from Lewis Holden (tacit leader of the attack on our traditional flag, along with John Key and David Farrar) when he reportedly said the donors at the meeting were “people who were keen on supporting us in the flag campaign. We put it together on the basis we get donations from them for the campaign.

Maybe it will be the new chinese NZ occupation HQ & jonkey is colatteral / under house arrest with a gps ankle tracker, kept in the dog house at the back While awaiting trial for treason. 

LOL Baza...

Still...I don't fancy learning the National Anthem in bout Russian? Any takers?

LOL, hmmm. Good options there Baza. We wish. 

I'm with you Martin on the fishiness. Sounds all too fishy.

Donkey's gonna be a kept as a Gnome at the bottom corner of the garden for all his 'good work' where he will be very 'comfortable'.


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