London fire: Twelve confirmed dead but police expect further fatalities after tower block blaze – latest updates

Seventy-five people treated in six hospitals as hundreds of firefighters remain at the scene of blaze at Grenfell Tower near Notting Hill in west London

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Just watched a raft of vids on this from the satanic ritual/numerology (sacrifice) angle to the on the ground stuff. Clearly no sprinklers or alarms, insulation recently applied was inflammable & banned in other countries, tenants visited just prior to fire (days) affirming the fire regulatiory blurbs around the building if there's a fire stay put in your flat! ... one stairwell for the entire block, gas fitting workers working there weeks prior to the event. Local tenants action group been trying long time to get sprinklers & other safety stuff to no avail. Add to all that some of the witnesses clearly acting. Also noted was no dirty firemen however a local comments, ... no, they turned up but didn't fight the fire! Lot of unanswered questions. Many noting of course the building didn't collapse like it should have according to nineeleven theory. Clearly also gentrification going on. Clearing it off for the rich. And one BBC vid I watched... sky is full of chemtrails.

As I began gathering vids into a play list, after around 4 I couldn't add any more, YT wouldn't let me. Then wouldn't let me edit any of my comments either. Same as FB's doing these days. Interesting times.

The ritual vid:

So far I've refrained from commenting or publishing on this news until a clearer picture emerges. And a picture is emerging. Yesterday's paper was all "Thank God (Or should that be Allah) it was Rammadan, and all those Muslim folk were awake and on hand to save the day. Almost everyone interviewed on TV was Islamic. I'm still not sure what the agenda is exactly, but it certainly seems to be both a promo and sympathy piece for Islam, and no doubt a witch hunt for the neglectful landlords.

Please guys be mindful that I have nothing against the faith of Islam (I believe in cultural and religious tolerance and diversity), I'm just observing what is being portrayed in the media.

I wonder where they're going with this?

A new high rise?

A new high rise made from stacked containers...??

No one hurt, no one killed - that's the best outcome of all. The rest is open to anyone's guess. The elete reclaim land and property at will. Nothing new there.

where are the missing people?

exactly, middle of the night & 600 tenants?.. doesn't add up

At least 500 - 600 will have perished.  See this...

Theresa May refuses to meet with the victims.

Wait for the push to introduce a compulsory national DNA database because of the problems they will have in identifying the victims.

A new initiative in Italy will allow blood donors to receive a free ticket to the Vatican Museums

Possibly, or perhaps they already have everyone's DNA profile form birth since the controllers plan their agendas decades in advance.

Ok now that is CREEPY Doreen!

There are no bodies because they were incinerated.  Every flat had a natural gas connection and that's why the fire burned so hot inside the building.  The London Utilities couldn't find the connection to shut off the gas to the building.  No one is talking about this, but I have confirmed with residents of the building on YouTube sites that natural gas pipes ran up the interior of the building as well as the exterior.  This is why the fire on the exterior burned in a column!  It wasn't just the cladding that was at fault, but that's all anyone is talking about!  Shame!

Interesting interview on The Richie Allen Show with musician Peaky Saku who grew up in Greenfell Tower. Looking like its filling all the agendas, just tick the boxes.


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