London fire: Twelve confirmed dead but police expect further fatalities after tower block blaze – latest updates

Seventy-five people treated in six hospitals as hundreds of firefighters remain at the scene of blaze at Grenfell Tower near Notting Hill in west London

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sequel to the vid cat's pyjamas posted on another thread. Excellent listening. Spot on IMO. (both vids)And yep what you're saying too Lee.Is that wickerman for real?

I think its from the movie, I will have to sit down and watch it, saw London has fallen a few weeks ago!


fascinating alright ,  lots of chemtrails overhead too I saw on the BBC coverage on the day.

Here's a must watch IMO. Locals. Some of the well articulated speakers telling it like it is there. The austerity measures, long time ignoring of safety issues, gentrification basically.

Awesome Danielle.  Smack the media with the truth right between their eyes.

Yes Brilliant aren't they Ngaire!

Looks like overexposed footage of a regular plane to me, and I've watched several times and looked at freeze frames. Too indistinct to be certain.

This is a doco from 1984 by Adam Curtis on the council building problems identified then.

After watching the video[45 mins they go into the re cladding and fire risk] I think the tower was supposed to fall down hence the fudging of the body count. The tower was built in such a substandard state it would have done what the CTV building did if it ever had to handle a seismic event. And remember the tower from the 2017 Economist cover!

Image result for economist cover the tower card


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