Pictures From Arizona's Heatwave: "Everything Is Literally Melting"

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Ask any Arizonan whether their summers are more tolerable because "it's a dry heat" and you're likely to be asked to turn your oven to 150 degrees, stick your head inside for 20 minutes and report back as to whether or not the humidity within the oven ever crossed you mind.  Probably not.

And while Arizonans have learned to cope with the "dry heat," this summer has been particularly brutal for people living in the Southwest as temperatures have already soared to over 120 degrees in certain areas.  What's worse, it's only June.

And while the heatwave may not be that fun for the people living through it, it does making for some amazing pictures of stuff melting.

Perhaps that plastic mailbox post wasn't such a great idea in retrospect.


On the bright side, you can get all your baking done outside in mother nature's free oven.

"arizona isn't that hot"— antonihoe (@confuzzledteen3) June 23, 2017
Plastic fences...also not a great idea.  Come on're better than this.


Meanwhile, this Tempe resident (undoubtedly an ASU student judging by all the cheap alcoholic beverages) was just trying to do his part to fight climate change by recycling his beer seems that ManBearPig won this round. 

Meanwhile, even the road signs are melting down...


...which is going to make it even harder for this guy to get around town...


Al Gore is going to have a field day with these pics.

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the joys of geoengineering !

I second that comment Rhonda!

Most Excellent!

Thank you for sharing, as we will share this everywhere.

The power of a unified voice:

Perhaps now is the time for the Earth Aid Concert...

Wasting Away - The Nukes in Your Backyard

The World Must Take Charge at Fukushima

EARTH AID - The concert to save all life on Earth

With great respect


Peace Love Light

Hec'el oinipikte (that we may live)

Mni Wiconi, Water Is Life

I wonder what the daytime highs were that melted those items, it's not 150 degrees?

The article didn't say but t dooes say " the Southwest as temperatures have already soared to over 120 degrees in certain areas."

That is right, from Weather Underground for Phoenix temperatures have been climbing this month from around 105 degrees to 112 - 119 degrees last week. Phoenix is hotter this year than was at this time last year that had highs at around 110 degrees. Awesome that it melted plastic. The article is a little melodramatic saying the road signs are melting, it is the paint that is melting, but still that is something!

Glad we aren't experiencing the burn, however we had the tech practiced on us last year and had about 300 days of rain in the year - as many on the coast will feel according to Clif Highs data.  He said the coast would flood while inland would burn.

Living in a desert would not be my choice right now, I'd rather have the rain.

That is a ton of rain, and the desert might be like Arizona hot.  

Image result for im melting meme

If they stop the spray, the weather would be much cooler.


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