Reading that devastating storm Irma with the same track as Luis will mow us down in the Northern Leewards. Let's see if I are Ma,or if it's err Ma.

The Weather Underground blog is lighting up with this new storm set to hit the area where I live. For those who may not be informed on my anomalies, check out the blog And for my friends who are aware of the situation, here we go again! 

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Cat-good to hear from you from all us here.

We must do all we can expose this war on us all.

Rae and I wish you the best.

Lost for words.

All our luv mate.

Here is another reason irma was geo engineered to take land. First reason was support UN agenda of climate change scam. Second, to take blame for coming crash. Third, to have excuse to raise debt ceiling.

Thank you all for your wishes for a speedy recovery. We are not insured, but part of our income has been spared. It's like a war zone here, the infrastructure is destroyed as well as the buildings, so rebuilding takes foremost priority. We are the lucky ones as we live on top of a hill away from people, because most of the island is starving with no rations coming from govt or world aid. The french side of the island is receiving aid from France, but the Dutch side is in trouble, no organization. Our neighbors are assisting us by charging our phones, and we are helping our friends by sharing some water... that's how we'll get by for a while. 

Dearest Cat Brown,

Hopefully you will be able to log in some time and read this...just a note to say I am still thinking of you (as many of us here still are). Its hard to imagine what you are going through but we see pictures. My heart go out to you.

Personally I wish I could do something more to help but from afar, but I hope the fact that I pray for your safety and survival gets to you somehow.

Sending sparks of hope wherever you are.

Much love sweetie... xxx  


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