Rocket Lab's private launch site, the first of its kind in the world, is "good to go".

On Tuesday the company said it had completed the world's first private orbital launch site on Mahia Peninsula, which is on the East Coast south of Gisborne.

The launch range, which was licensed to launch every 72 hours for the next 30 years, would mean the country would soon become the nation with the highest frequency of space launches anywhere in the world.

Rocket Lab chief executive Peter Beck says the company's launch site opening is one milestone of many.

Rocket Lab chief executive Peter Beck says the company's launch site opening is one milestone of many.

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Rocket Lab Signs Spire for its Electron Small Launch Vehicle

New Zealand based Rocket Lab, which introduced on-line booking late last year, has announced that it has signed a launch contract with San Francisco based Spire, which is building a fleet of ocean monitoring and radio occultation spacecraft...once it begins hosting launches later this year, it will hold the distinction of being the world’s first fully commercial spaceport...The Mahia Peninsula is located on the East Coast of New Zealand’s North Island, and with minimal air or sea traffic to impede operations, offers orbital trajectories ranging from 39 degrees to Polar.

New Zealand government okays commercial launches by Rocket Lab

The competition heats up: The New Zealand government has signed an interim contract authorizing commercial launches by the private company Rocket Lab, pending passage of permanent authorizing legislation next year.

Rocket Lab, which operates a private satellite launch site on the Mahia Peninsula between Napier and Gisborne, intends to start launch operations later this year, Minister for Economic Development Steven Joyce said in a statement. The contract is an interim measure, preceding the Outer Space and High Altitude Activities Bill which will be introduced to Parliament this month to provide a regulatory regime for space launches from New Zealand.

The government wants the bill passed into law by mid-2017, Joyce said. In June, New Zealand signed the Technology Safeguards Agreement (TSA) with the United States government, which allows commercial entities, including Rocket Lab, to import launch technology and satellites from the US.

Thanks for the interesting info you've dug up Danielle.

This new deal is another example of our beautiful little country being easy pickings for much bigger fish.

The firm is " committed to protecting the environment " so that means there's nothing to be concerned about,right? !!!

Yep that's right Marian. Real nice folks. Clean n green no doubt  In the video there with iwi who are working with good ole Pete, easy to see how they're clever enough to work. Private company (funded/partnered by the big boys, US Defense, Lockheed Martin), with the good kiwi bloke NZ front man Pete on the ground sucking in the iwi. Very sad.  

ha, thank you Nym. Do you mean like, down to where they were sent from? Or elsewhere? 


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