By Claire Bernish

In one fell swoop, Scotland banned fracking — permanently — when parliament narrowly voted in favor of cementing the country’s temporary moratorium on the controversial practice.

With the original intention of conducting full health and environmental impact assessments before continuing with all unconventional oil and gas extraction — including fracking — Scotland implemented a temporary halt to all such procedures in January 2015.

Members of the ruling Scottish National Party abstained from the vote, which passed 32 to 29, though SNP Energy Minister Paul Wheelhouse claimed the government remains “deeply sceptical” of fracking and none would be allowed to proceed unless distinct evidence proved the practice ‘causes no harm,’ the Guardian reported.

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Och, aye! The braveheart spirit lives. William Wallace smiles down on Scotland.

Let's hope the ban holds. The frackers are always trying new and devious means to get their foot in the door.

 Go Scotland~~~~

Woo hoo!
Now will NZ follow suit......?

....Not while Jonky and Gerry are running the show Nicola. Christchurch City Council did thankfully declare Canterbury a "frack free" zone though. A symbolic gesture but better than nothing.

Never trust politicians!

"Never trust politicians"...nor perhaps residents of Christchurch NZ posing as Asian martial artists living in San Francisco, eh, mate?

A riposte worthy for the house representatives or council chambers. You missed your calling!, or maybe you didn't? I guess a moderator for the contrail will suffice.

Thanks LJF...I think..?

Actually (keeping it Scottish) I like Billy Connolly's statement "The desire to be a politician should bar you for life from ever becoming one".

 Heheh!  Connolly always my favourite.

yeah go Scotland...this tipped the balance a bit after the whole "state guardian" (ie, spying on the kids) thing they just pushed through.

Yes i agree with all of you and just to note there talking about taupo blowing its top plus matamata with magma underneath is that more mining ?.

I'd go with natural earth changes on the magma thing Michael. I know volcanic eruptions can be artificially triggered by a number of methods, but there's no advantage in it for the mining brigade.

Ecoterrorism maybe?


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