Seth Rich overwhelmingly probably killed at hospital.

Any location that bans or deletes this is enemy turf. It was hard to find because of it. I only heard this talked about but did not see it until I found this.

We now know damn well Seth survived the initial attack and was killed at the hospital. We know the police report is a lie. We know damn well (in posts farther down this page) that the second in status responding police officer was the husband of a woman deeply rooted in the DNC and worked directly for Clinton's campaign. What more do we need to know? That says it ALL.


OUCH: Officers that handled Seth Rich had strong Clinton ties, AND SETH RICH WAS ALIVE WHEN FOUND

Take a look at the officer's name. These officers wore body cams. We need the video of their response, and subsequent handling. Seth Rich was alive when found, and only pronounced dead an hour and a half later!

WELL LOOKIE HERE! Officer Robinson's wife has VERY STRONG CLINTON TIES. No wonder why her husband handled the call for Seth Rich!

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 My heart cries for his family. The world, if knowing, will not allow this to pass. For one, I will not.

Me too,Shirley...

I think his family have been got to Shirley.  They are asking for all this 'fake news' swirling around his death to stop so it can be left as an unsolved robbery/murder.

They were probably threatened,given an offer they couldn't refuse.

Political assassination? Law enforcement sources claim murdered staffer Seth Rich leaked DNC emails to WikiLeaks, investigation being blocked

Tyler Durden


'Their' actions continue to be more and more blatant though now that more have awakened to 'their' game, the truth is revealed. The warlock hunt perpetuated by MSM may also be revealed. The scenario with the former alphabet head is a major distraction and when the ag met with slick willie on the tarmack in AZ and then she recused herself in an interesting manner, it was obvious that the alphabet head was going to lose his job. Most likely he'd have wound up like Seth had he done other than what transpired.

BREAKING: Reddit Investigation Into The Seth Rich Murder Is Factual...

By IWB on May 19, 2017 02:22 pm
by Pamela Williams   When I read the Reddit Forum Thread on the murder of Seth Rich, I was shocked to see the pieces of the Seth Rich murder investigation fall into place right before...
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NZ's connection to Seth Rich death

NZ's connection to Seth Rich death

Last week, Fox News dropped a bombshell report officially confirming, via anonymous FBI sources, wh…

The deep state got to Hannity

There will be no further discussion of the murder of Seth Rich. If you discuss any murder committed by the Clinton crime family, you are fake news and will be taken out along with the people they murder.

Don't be among the dreamers out there saying they are acting like this because they are losing, because if they can silence anyone they want, clearly they are not losing. They will remain in power for as long as the corrupted police forces and other security forces keep them there, and the fact that they are where they are only because the police see through to it means the police and other security forces are everyone's enemy, it is not just a ghetto meme.

Kim Dotcom released a statement yesterday which made it clear Seth Rich did the leaks, but even Kim backed off and did not take it the whole way. Everyone seems too afraid to speak up, even in the face of completely clear and evident need.

If we sit here silent and allow ourselves to be crushed for even a little bit longer, we will lose forever. They are on the brink of final, absolute, smack down victory and the future they have for us is the end of us, we will never escape a rapidly approaching technological enslavement and perfectly calculated tyranny.

REMEMBER: The police acheive cooperation ONLY, AND ONLY with the threat of violence, killing, and the threat of imprisonment. That is 100 percent of what the police operate on.

Either you cooperate or you will be smashed or killed or imprisoned, even if there was no crime when they got your attention. There is absolutely nothing other than that to the way they function - cooperate or you are gone.

If the criminals in the government are operating with impunity and the police will do nothing to stop them, just because that is where the police draw their paycheck from and can be brainwashed, then obviously the criminals in government need a different mode of enforcement, from we the people, following through with the exact same tactics the police use against us. It is either that, or the end of all, and the shutting up of Sean Hannity proved it.

"They" can do whatever they want, including murder, and we just have to suck it up. We can't even mention it, or we are gone all the while the same people who killed Seth Rich will bother us and possibly jail us over a garden. Folks, that's fair, right? As long as the law says you can't touch the murderers, it's all fair, because the law is ALL, right?

Let the murderers walk free, without anyone being allowed to even say anything happened when they murder, but YOU can go to jail for your tomato plants if they are not approved. That's all fair and good, as long as the law, and those who enforce the law, make it so, RIGHT?

If you are not going to police the police, and put justice where it is needed you might as well grind up your guns and use them as an iron supplement in your morning cereal. That's what they are good for.

After all, only the police can actually use one, even if it is to enforce and support corruption at the highest level, RIGHT?. Any good citizen who follows the law ought to know their guns are only for play and target practice.

You had better damn well never use one to put things "right". You ought to know that you, and especially your kids, are not supposed to have a future, your child's future belongs to those who murdered Seth Rich, and Sean Hannity just proved it. It will be so, for as long as you suck it up and eat your cheerios.

You know 'they' are scared when PBS runs a piece using this truth as an 'example of fake news' and btw a Rockefeller is president of weta that produces the PBS newshour.


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