There is, as of this time, no way to remove the self-assembling polymer fibers inside every living thing.

The technology behind this is, most  likely, not of human origin.  This technology is currently being explored and patents exist.  An animated slide show from Harvard can be viewed here:


It seems clear that the fibers themselves are highly compatible with living tissue, especially human.  We cannot avoid them.  We cannot get rid of them.  The problem seems to be the toxic pathogens and heavy metals that are mixed in with the self assembling nano-dust.


To maintain a healthy body during these times of extreme toxicity, a basic 3 prong is recommended and should be followed as long as chemtrails are being sprayed, as long as the water, foods and medicines are toxified.

1) Remove Heavy Metals

2) Kill Pathogens - especially fungus

3) Break down biofilm


1)  Heavy Metals.

It is documented on video that the fungal network that lives inside our bodies use heavy metals as weapons against healthy tissue.  Heavy metals are present in our food, water, air, fillings in our teeth.  Of these, the air is the greatest concentration.  Each human being takes an average of 15,000 breaths per day. 


Daily baths and/or long showers....scrubbing the surface of the skin....dumps large amounts of metals.

Gwen, the Naturopath, recommends Miracle II soap and Neutralizer to amplify the cleansing power of water.

Cilantro/chlorella chelation is the other very powerful way to pull heavy metals from living tissue, including the brain, and carry it out of the body thru the urine and feces.  I do this at least twice a week.  I take two 1,000 mg tablets of chlorella 20 MINUTES BEFORE drinking a glass of cilantro (coriander - fresh) leaves run thru the blender with juice or water. 


Diatimateous earth (also called fossil flour) is reported to pull heavy metals from the body.  I have not seen the documentation on this.

Activated Charcoal is cheap and a wonderful way to pull toxins from the body.  I take some daily.  Beware, as it pulls everything it runs into...including minerals.  It is the treatment of choice for poison victims, pulling 10,000 times it's weight of toxins out of the body.  Do not take activated charcoal after eating as it will also pull valuable nutrients out of the body. Use caution but it's  a powerful tool.


Whatever you do, make up a daily routine that you can stick with that pulls heavy metals from the body.


ALso, I mix liquid iodine with the after bath moisturizer and spread it over my entire body.....some nights.

It returns the skin to a normal appearance under UV light.....tho the effect is temporary.  It also is supports thyroid function and may help minimize the effects of nuclear radiation.  The fibers seem to hate it.


2) Pathogens.

There is much research by "off the grid" doctors and scientists which identify cancer as a fungal issue.

Here's one:

I believe there is a fungal network present in all of us...and normally it's a symbiotic (friendly) relationship. However, with the heavy spraying, immune systems have been being assualted for such a long time,

they are exhausted.  In looking at various diseases, one can see how exhausted immune systems begin to stagger and disease sets in.  This is not recognized as different people manifest different diseases.

MMS is the most powerful pathogen killing medicine yet discovered. 

It is also pretty harmless, being out of the body within 15 - 60- minutes.  On heavy spray days, it's advisable to carry around an 8 ounce bottle with 8 drops of activated MMS and sip an ounce per hour.  I've been taking MMS as a maintenance dose for 5 months.  I give it to the cats, the dog and anyone else who will listen.


Gwen, the on the fence about MMS.  She realizes the need for powerful countermeasures and is now recommending H2O2 (food grade).  I use both, inhaling H2O2 at least twice a day.  There are many miracle stories surrounding the use of H2O2.  Here's a few short ones:

However, Gwen herself isn't as healthy as I'd like to see a health care professional.  It's my position that MMS is the difference.  She does everything I do....except for the cilantro chelation and the MMS.  She uses DE (PermaGuard Fossil Flour) and H2O2.  I believe in adding these to the mix, but cilantro and MMS have cured all my symptoms and left me strong and healthy for the last 5 months.


Another interesting feature of H2O2 is spraying it on your hands on, or after, heavy spray days. 


You will notice that NORMALLY three percent H2O2 has no effect on clean, healthy skin.  On heavy spray days, or days where you've been handling lots of toxic material that is entering the body, you can put a spray of H2O2 on your hands and wait for a couple of minutes.  Tiny white specks will appear where your flesh has been invaded.  It changes daily but the main area is the thumb and pointer finger.  I use this method to see how heavily I'm being hit.  On Lake Powell, when we were being hit so hard, I tried this method.  After 3-5 minutes, the palms of my hands lit up.....especially the fingertips.  It began to really hurt. Within 10 minutes it felt like someone was sticking hot needles into my fingertips and hitting the backs of my fingernails.  My fingernails hurt!  I washed it off....but the sensation was still there (to a lesser degree) the next morning.


My sister said she uses H2O2 to spray on her fingernails, as her cuticles foam.  I tried it on my fingernails and my cuticles do NOT foam.  She thought it was from bacteria.   My sister KINDA believes in chem trails but thinks they are "probably for our own good".


3)  Biofilms

This is my greatest challenge.  Cleansing biofilms is essential as that is where pathogens and heavy metals hide.  I've worked with Raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar with powerful results....but painful as well. My knees really hurt when I started that I backed off.  This is going to be my next area of research to kick my health up another notch.  Here are some instruction and discussion:


In summary, the 3 pronged counter attack can protect the body from the ravages we are currently witnessing.  A few things we are stuck with are ELF's and other frequencies.  Avoid them when possible.

Nuclear fallout....and the fibers themselves.


Do whatever you can to avoid exposure.

Take responsibility for your own health. 

Rotate your approach....while returning to the basics of dumping metals and killing pathogens.



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Introducing The Natural Air Filter

OffTheGridNews Mary Ellen 4/30/12

NASA is not just about space exploration. The National Aeronautic and Space Administration has given us some very useful products. The research done by NASA scientists over the years has led to many “spin offs.” These are products, ideas, and materials that came from research conducted by NASA and include invisible braces, memory foam, scratch-resistant lenses, shoe insoles, and water filters. Now, thanks to NASA scientists, we have proof that house plants purify the air in our homes. We even have a ranking system to determine which plants do the job the best.

Sick Building Syndrome

Why would you need to improve your indoor air? Because you may have sick building syndrome, or SBS. SBS is recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency as a real situation in which conditions inside a building make people physically ill. It can affect people in one room or an entire building. Indications that you may be suffering from SBS include headache, irritation of the eyes, nose, or throat, coughing, itchy skin, dizziness, nausea, fatigue, and difficulty concentrating. Of course, many things can cause these symptoms, but the key is that the symptoms of SBS affect everyone in your house and that they disappear when you leave the building.

SBS occurs mostly in new and recently renovated buildings. Many materials inside your home can contribute to SBS. Carpeting, adhesives, manufactured wood, cleaning agents, upholstery, and more can release compounds into the air that make you feel sick. They give off what are called volatile organic compounds or VOCs. Volatile describes the fact that these compounds can become gaseous and travel through the air easily. This is how they make you sick. Other things that can make you sick in your house are more natural, but just as nasty. Mold and bacteria can breed in your home in the ducts and humidifiers and in your ceiling tiles, insulation, or carpeting.

The reason that newer buildings are more likely to cause SBS symptoms is not just because of newer materials and furniture. Your older home could contain these VOCs too but cause you fewer symptoms. The problem is often ventilation. Newer homes are constructed more securely and with more insulation than older homes to save energy. Because of this, they don’t allow for air to circulate between the outside and the inside. Older homes are “leakier.” When you have VOCs in your older home, their concentrations may be lower because fresh air is getting into the house even when all the windows and doors are shut.

SBS may be an exaggeration for most of us. You likely don’t experience significant symptoms from being in your house. However, that doesn’t mean they aren’t there and they aren’t causing you harm. A study from Harvard found 90 chemicals in 120 different homes in Massachusetts. These included compounds that cause neurological problems, birth defects, cancer, and that mimic hormones. They even found banned substances in the air and the dust of these homes. Currently, there is no research results to tell us how all of these chemicals affect our health over the long run.

Fill Your Home with House Plants

Thanks to NASA’s research, we do know that certain house plants can take some of these chemicals out of the air. So how do they do it? Plants pull air into themselves in two different ways. They take in air through their leaves. Chemicals taken up in this way gradually move down to the roots and out of harm’s way. Plants also pull air in at the roots. Transpiration is a way in which plants release excess water through the tips of their leaves. As water is released from the leaves, air is sucked in at the roots. Microbes that live on the roots of plants take chemicals from the air and turn them into other compounds. Plants that transpire the most are the best air cleaners. They take in more compounds and the roots and convert them into safer chemicals.

The NASA study looked at the ability of fifty common house plants to remove three of the most common indoor toxins from the air:

  • Benzene. Found in dyes, detergents, plastics, gasoline, and rubber. It causes eye and skin irritation, respiratory problems, and kidney and liver damage. It is a carcinogen.
  • Formaldehyde. Although well-known as a preservative, formaldehyde is in many, many products. You can find it in insulation, grocery bags, clothing, paper towels, and particle board, just to name a few. It causes asthma.
  • Trichloroethylene. This compound is found in adhesives and varnishes. It is a liver carcinogen and damages the central nervous system and respiratory tract.

After testing the plants’ abilities to remove these substances from the air, the researchers ranked the plants. The ranking takes into account not just the ability to remove toxins, but also the ease of maintenance and the resistance of the plants to pests. These are the top ten plants in the ranking:

  • Areca Palm. NASA’s number one plant for cleaning your air is the Areca palm tree. It received a score of 8.5 for its ability to add moisture to the air. It acts as an excellent humidifier—it can prevent excessively dry air as well as or better than an electric humidifier. When the air is too dry, you can suffer from dry skin, scratchy throat, and sneezing and coughing. The Areca palm also removes toxins like toluene and xylene from the air.
  • Lady Palm. The lady palm tree gets the same score as the Areca. It can remove formaldehyde, xylene, toluene, and ammonia from the air while also adding moisture. In addition, the lady palm is very easy to grow. It can tolerate a variety of conditions and is very resistant to any pests that might attack it in your home.
  • Bamboo Palm. The bamboo palm comes in at third place on the purifying list. It is really second best at purifying air because the first two palm trees are tied. It removes formaldehyde, xylene, and toluene from the air and is easy to care for. The bamboo palm prefers to have direct sunlight and thrives with moist, but not wet soil, so watering regularly is key.
  • Rubber Plant. The rubber plant is an attractive, thick-leaved, large plant that is especially good at removing formaldehyde from the air. It needs less sunlight than many other house plants, which makes it a good choice if you lack windows with direct light. Be cautious with pets and babies, however, as the leaves of the rubber plant are toxic.
  • Dracaena. With leaves striped in dark and light green, dracaena is a beautiful as well as purifying houseplant. It is sometimes also called the female dragon or Janet Craig and excels at taking formaldehyde out of the air as well as benzene, toluene, and xylene.
  • English Ivy. Ivy is a lovely climbing vine that can be grown indoors or out. Give it a wall or trellis to climb and your English ivy will thrive. Not only does this plant remove benzene, xylene, toluene, and formaldehyde from your home’s air, it also removes mold. This makes English Ivy an excellent choice for you if you have allergies. It is known for reducing allergy and asthma symptoms.
  • Dwarf Date Palm. The dwarf date palm is an elegant looking plant that removes trichloroethylene, formaldehyde, xylene, and toluene from the surrounding air.
  • Ficus Alii. The ficus alii is an easy plant to maintain and one that will remove several toxins from the air in your home. However, touching this plant can irritate people with latex allergies. If you do have a latex allergy, you can still keep this plant, but wear gloves when handling it.
  • Boston Fern. A full, bushy plant, the Boston fern is an excellent purifier, removing formaldehyde, toluene, benzene, and xylene. It may also remove some mold spores from the air.
  • Peace Lily. All the peace lily will ask from you is plenty of water and a little sunlight. Easy to grow and maintain, the peace lily removes benzene, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, toluene, and xylene from the air.

Adding house plants to your home is a great and natural way to keep your air cleaner. Especially if you live in a newer house or a recently remodeled one, you need to be aware of the toxins around you. The plants will help, but you should also make a point to spend time outside each day. Also, keep safety in mind when selecting your house plants. Make sure you are aware of which ones may be toxic for pets or small children, or simply keep them out of reach.

©2012 Off the Grid News

How to make your own iodine


Why should you choose " Nascent Iodine "

In  the summer of 1900  Andrew Crosse of Elworthy, England seemingly created insects from his experiments with high frequency electricity. In  his private lab he sent electrical currentsthrough a strobe in a jar of acid. In a couple of weeks unusual types of tiny insects began to form on the stone. Repeated experiments indicated that with the proper adjustments of a spark gap and voltage reuIation, he could produce a crop of living insects within 140 days. Many witnesses saw this phenomena repeated and yet he was scorned and denounced as a fraud.(146)

So it certainly is easy to recognize that it is possible to change the frequency of a space, direct that energy into an acid environment, and create 'insects' or perhaps, parasites, fungus, viruses and bacteria. The particluate in the air would be used to move the energy...the current.

Yikes!  Certainly makes a good argument for managing one's body Ph.

I drink a teaspoon of baking soda every night with a tablespoon of the purest diatomateous earth

I can buy.  I've been forgetting lately....maybe it's time to get back on track.  Interesting how doctors

NEVER MENTION monitoring and regulating the body's PH, eh?  My doc admits he monitors his....

but said he isn't allowed to discuss it with patients!


Absolutely I totally agree - but get this thought - maybe chemtrails with nano-particles breathed in - fibres' are then remotely activated with the correct frequency - does I sound mad??? No don't answer that anyone 

Hey Sheri, this is really a plausible idea and makes very good sense. I never thought of this. Just like, and this is just my theory, the way hurricane Isaac was probably directed away from Tampa and towards Louisiana. Keep on thinking! And cute golden kitty!!

Thanks Wendy, it sort of does make sense and is one way of getting the global population too participate, involuntary - hate the thought but..... 

And the golden kitty Thomas is gorgeous thanks - he was a rescue at 4 weeks - Big Tom cats beat him up and left him for dead - he  was only suppose to be  a foster but.... I could not be without my trusted little friend tomtom

Many of the best independant researchers say this is EXACTLY what is happening.

Why else the big rush to install Smart Meters WORLDWIDE....or 14 HAARP facilities

around the world....or GWEN towers EVERY 200 miles.....and the big rush to get a cell phone

into everyone's hands? Wireless classrooms are causing cluster cancers among teachers and have been outlawed in Europe.  Wireless baby monitors placed right next to infant's heads.....wireless phones in every room.


Add to this my last blog post where they think they now own certain genes/ DNA - and they may have an augment if they are altering us - scary but I truly feel this is what is occurring - those that control the food control the population

 not us - not now


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