A landmark court decision in New Zealand has set a precedent that other countries would do well to follow.

The Animal Welfare Amendment Bill, passed last month, extends all animals similar rights as any other living creature. Citing that the animals can feel and think, it provides a new paradigm in how to deal with animal cruelty cases, as well as animal testing and research.


However all may not well with this Bill.

Katharine Dokken a public affairs specialist and author of the book.. The art of terror:Inside the animal rights movement explains , here is a summary of her book.

When people think of “animal rights” they think that taking good care of their family pet is the goal. It sounds right. It sounds like good common sense. After all, who could possibly be against taking better care of animals?   Unfortunately, this feel good idea is the polar opposite of what the animal rights movement is truly about.


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Hope proponents of the bill have turned vegetarian or at least kill the animals they eat.

and means very little when 1080 is being strewn in our hills and waterways regardless of the animal rights act... the lawmakers simply made another law exempting themselves in that case.

Thanks for bringing this subject to the table Bill.  This decision (made some time ago) got a lot of airtime, but the points were missed.

New Zealand has been taking a path similar to this. We have the Animal rights bill that says animals are sentient beings, yet OUR GOVERNMENT torture many tens of thousands every year with 1080.Double speak of the highest order. Its a short step to humans.

For more read Hansard  Animal Rights .NZ. One, Two and Three.


EWAO- Earth, We Are One.....sounds very NWO!  On the face of it ... more rights down the drain....


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