Penny is a horse-trainer whose animals, farm and livelihood were systematically destroyed by the presence of a major radio transmission tower on the edge of her property on the outskirts of Christchurch NZ. For over a decade she has been researching the effects and technologies of electro-magnetic radiation and has become an expert in this area, not academic but experiential. She was close friends with the late Dr. Neil Cherry, an outspoken critic of EMR and the telecommunications industry. Her information, her experience, her plight, her message are an urgent warning for almost all of humanity who are currently bathed in a carcinogenic sea of weaponized electro-magnetic radiation.

See Penny's interview with Jeff Phillips here:

Part One

Part Two

Part Three



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Part two has reference to "clear communications  network" (not to be comfused with Clear the old internet provider) and various US folk - she doesn't mention Mitt Romney reference in this interview but told it to several of us face to face.

Who would've thought. Mitt Romney?

There are two of those towers out there within close proximity. In recent months there's been a lot of the farmland bulldozed, and there's going to be housing there. Gotta wonder about the health effects forthcoming for anyone who moves in.

nothing like that bounce of a microwave right into residential areas, to make you life (and your families) hell.


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