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Here is your proof!

THE SOUTHERN OCEAN CLOUDS, RADIATION, AEROSOL TRANSPORT EXPERIMENTAL STUDY (SOCRATES) Southern ocean clouds,radiation, aerosol transport experimental study.

To be carried out 2017-18. Watch out Down Under, big geoengineering experiment upon us starting now. Scientists from OZ, US and NZ, ships from US etc. RAF co operating etc. Planes,boats, radar etc.etc.

Quite a read.. try and get your head around this.

The source is Washington Uni - a big experiment to be carried out in our part of the world. 

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Awesome find, depressing read.

The technical jargon would put anyone to sleep but theres a lovely cartoon pic on page 9 with a plane spraying a cloud and some other information which is worth hanging on to for easy reference.

Anyone with a functioning printer would be wise to knock of a hard copy if its possible. The amount of times I wish I had done that over the years when stuff like this comes up and then vanishes.

"As described earlier (Section 4, Fig. 3 and 4), the overall objective is to sample clouds, aerosols, and BL structure across a range of latitudes, including conditions south of the oceanic polar front. We stress that he “SOCRATES curtain” shown in Figure 3 is conceptual. The flight track will not be the same each day, will not necessarily go directly North‐South, and will not necessarily fly over Macquarie Island (as described in more detail below). Rather the track will vary depend on meteorological conditions, and in particular, will focus on obtaining in situ measurements within cyclone cold‐sectors." Page 19.

Yes Sarah, as your satellite pic shows - these mushroom clouds have been going off on a regular basis in NW and N Aus, and along the East coast of Aus and into the sea. I notice today's explosive blobs are feeding into cloud forms heading for the zone where these experiments are taking place?? First pic taken in the sea below Java today - as an example of what we see out at sea, and now also over land.

Today in N Australia - feeding down to the zone.

In the zone 

Just when I went to print this document out - i have run out of ink! Apparently, from the doc - there will be news coverage and schools in NZ and Tas will be informed of what they are doing??

Been going a year and no one was informed that I know of.

Nigel Gray at imaginzation on YT's been documenting cloud making there & streaming down to here. Stuff in the Nth of Oz too connected with China.

I think this is what Nigel Gray's been recording over the past months. Off the coast & in the Nth of Oz. I'll post his vids.

This is the one citing Nth Oz & Singapore, and is Rockhampton,(where cloud is coming from) a new deal between Oz & Singaporean Govts ... 1 billion dollars to be spent on roads, infrastructure and hi tech military hardware... PLUS 1 billion on Townsville similarly ...he cites an article from May 2016 wish i had more time to look at this & time getting shorter still in next while. If this is not relevant pls do remove. It just rang bells when I saw the cloud coming from Oz subject from having seen these vids.

Wow thanks for this. It is great to see others noticing what is happening from space. Sometimes you can feel like you going mad, and just imagining things. Then I look at cloud forms south of Australia and in the ocean in other places and see NO bright white blobs exploding into cloud mass.

However it is now a regular occurrence which started in the sea below Java a year or so back and then in NW OZ. Now all over top of OZ, on Capricornia coast and often round Wollongong area - and in Tasman off Queensland coast. It seems to me that it is generated in different spots to get into jet stream and end up where they want it - and for different reasons - rain, and maybe to help with the Socrates program. So much we don't know. Last night lots of explosive blobs going off near Gladstone. Guess we will have to keep observing.

yep in NIgel's recent vids he points out a steady straight line from there to here. Too straight and narrow to be natural. Is why Nigel also keeps saying he'll be called conspiratorial etc. when it's not. It's fact. Good on you for researching it Fiona. Wish I had more time to. 

It seems SOCRATES could be bigger than we may think. Is this the roots of the reseacrh institute?

Also more here:
"A UW research associate professor of atmospheric sciences, is leading the 2-year project sponsored by the Department of Energy. The Macquarie Island Cloud and Radiation Experiment, or MICRE, will collect new data for clouds and precipitation in the southernmost seas. The instruments were installed on the island in late March, and are now beginning to collect data.

instruments in front of cloudy ocean Instruments, installed in late March, will record just how cloudy it is in the Southern Ocean, how much sunlight reaches the surface, and how much water is in these clouds.Jeff Aquilina “We want to study the properties of the clouds, aerosols and precipitation over the remote Southern Ocean, and there are very few land sites where we can take continuous measurements for two years,” Marchand said. “Macquarie is one such place, and is ideal in several respects.”

The instruments, provided by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Atmospheric Radiation Measurement Climate Research Facility, will measure variables such as surface precipitation, solar energy reaching the surface, heat radiated by the sky and surface, water vapor, cloud water and cloud base height.

“The properties of low-altitude clouds appear to be different here, with much larger amounts of supercooled liquid water and smaller droplets than over Northern Hemisphere oceans,” Marchand said. Supercooled water is below its freezing point while remaining a liquid.

UW oceanographers are building ocean robots to observe conditions in the water
UW atmospheric scientists used satellite images to discover that marine plankton brightens clouds over the Southern Ocean
UW oceanographers showed that stronger winds creates more sea ice off Antarctica, even as temperatures warm
The field experiment hopes to learn why low-cloud properties are different in this region. It will also provide new measurements of the daily and seasonal changes in cloud cover, and help ground-truth measurements coming from satellites – something that has not been done much for the stormy, inhospitable Southern Ocean.

Marchand hopes that the project will become part of the larger Southern Ocean Cloud Rainfall and Aerosol Transport experiment, or SOCRATES, which if funded will put him and colleagues from the UW and elsewhere aboard ships and aircraft to get more firsthand measurements of Southern Ocean clouds.

MICRE is an international collaboration between the U.S. Department of Energy, the Australian Bureau of Meteorology and the Australian Antarctic Division, which operates a research station on Macquarie Island. After weather-related delays, a French ship was able to deliver the instruments to the island in late March.
April 2016.

I've had a quick preliminary read. Parts of this exercise are familiar to me as My son Luke and I got a pass to the Deepfreeze operation at the airport to see the Gulfstream aircraft when it was here for the DEEPWAVE operation, we spoke with the pilots and scientists and got familiar with the gear on this plane.

So reading the PDF this is essentially a field sampling operation. Data acquisition. Two areas of main interest to them: sulfate aerosols and salt spray aerosols. They are trying to gain very detailed information about the interactions and processes that drive the weather in the Southern Ocean.

Someone mentioned David w Keith. I doubt it, not yet. This isn't so much geoengineering as a preliminary to something important we don't know about yet. It's an all star investigation involving both direct and remote sensing.

The big question that's staring me in the face right now is, what will they do with all this data?

They don't invest all this time and money for nothing.

This ties in with whatever is going on down in Antarctica.

Now I'm going back in for a really good read, and if there's direct evidence of actual geoengineering I'll find it, you can count on it.


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