Here is your proof!

THE SOUTHERN OCEAN CLOUDS, RADIATION, AEROSOL TRANSPORT EXPERIMENTAL STUDY (SOCRATES) Southern ocean clouds,radiation, aerosol transport experimental study.

To be carried out 2017-18. Watch out Down Under, big geoengineering experiment upon us starting now. Scientists from OZ, US and NZ, ships from US etc. RAF co operating etc. Planes,boats, radar etc.etc.

Quite a read.. try and get your head around this.

The source is Washington Uni - a big experiment to be carried out in our part of the world. 

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Ha ha very clever Sarah. Also:
Sly, Organised, Climate, Remodelling, Atmosphere, Technology, Experimental, Systems = SOCRATES

Exactly Fiona!!!

Hi folks. Was just going to post a pic of the Socrates cloud curtain currently over the area and evidence of emf in it (as was yesterday), but once again tool bar is unavailable on this article page. I did a cruise around Contrail and toolbar is available on some articles, but not others - especially those concerning climate change. Is this just a hiccup with Ning? or what??
It looks like the cloud material is streaming from around Wollongong coastline. to a look from satellite.
I am wading through this document which is hard to understand I must say. I do notice every second word is 'aerosol', not CO2. Most instruments measuring and analysing aerosols. The word 'payload' is mentioned a few times too. They have been very careful to not explain exactly what they are doing(and with what), but rather on instruments, machinery used and methods and plans instead.

Yes its sheer drudgery to read and pretty much sent me to sleep, lucky we have some keen people posting here breaking it down a bit. Nice use of the words "aerosol" "payload" "modelling" "radiation" etc and skirting around what they will be actually doing and how they will measure effects.

I did find the picture on page 9 rather telling though, if you can't decipher the jargon...as they say a picture paints a thousand words.

I think Martin H was very perceptive when he mentioned he thought they seem to have found the Southern Ocean is not behaving as they thought following all the experimentation so far... and now have to pull out all the stops down under.

However, I doubt this is a sudden turn of events for them. I highly suspect this has been in the pipeline for a while and time has come to roll it out. From what we are seeing with the radical uptick in spraying they are probably preparing for it all right now.

And all eyes on Antarctica whatever is going on down there.

Goodmorning Australia. As the sun rises we have new blobs of cloud generation exploding in NW Australia and on the Capricornia coast. I have noticed a pattern - these seem to go off around dawn and again around 3pm in the afternoon.

First pic Australia 7.50 Melbourne time, second, our messed up equator - all sorts going off - check animated view. Now compare this with the SO (Southern ocean).third photo.


Southern ocean hmmm.... Spot the difference?? 

That's great info right there Fiona. Wonderful to have your eyes - helps both our countries piece together this insane series of 'experiments' or rather huge Naval Warfare programs.


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