The Untold TRUTH About the AUSTRALIAN Election

Published on Jun 14, 2016

Exposing the lies Australian Politicians tell us. Our freedoms are being eroded right under our noses. Our Australian politicians have betrayed us by removing Christmas Carolling & Christian Religious Education (CRE) from Victorian state public schools, and to add injury to insult, they have introduced radical sex education that promotes cross-dressing and transgender bathrooms to primary school students. If you didn’t know, it has already started in Victoria, without parents’ consultation. Find out the names of who's doing it.


Penny Wong of the Labor party has promised to appoint an anti-discrimination commissioner to police our speech? Speech laws are nothing more than tools to silence opposition and censor disagreement. Speech laws are for tyrants. They create an atmosphere of fear and control, and clog up our congested courts with lawsuits like the one brought against Bishop Julius Porteous of Tasmania. Is that more of what Australia needs?


Our politicians have changed the way voting works. As Peter Stevens from Family Voice revealed, there is “bias inherent in the design of the new voting law” one which favours the Greens without us voting for them! 91% of Australians do NOT want the Greens in power. Yet the new voting rule tells us that instead of filling in ALL THE BOXES “above the line” (a few party names) or ALL THE BOXES “below the line” (bigger list of candidate names), which is what we should do, we have a new option to number a minimum of 6 boxes “above the line” (and leave the rest empty) or a minimum of 12 boxes “below the line” (again leave the rest empty). What are they counting on?

Yes, that Australian voters would be lazy, and take the easy road, and number the minimum amount of boxes. This will unduly favour the Greens. It will create a kind of vacuum which the Greens fill, because no preferences 7,8,9,10 etc are available to flow to other parties, therefore the Greens may win “by default” with less than quota. DON’T TICK THE MINIMUM amount of boxes! Make sure to NUMBER EVERY SQUARE (whether above or below the line is your choice), putting the Greens last, and Labor second to last. Australians for Honest Elections have come out and stated that “an honest and fair election is simply not possible”. How many voters are aware of this?

Voters must understand that voting for a minor party DOESN’T WASTE your vote. If you select a major party as No. 1 and a minor party as No. 2, the minor party will likely lose. If you select minor parties as No. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and a major party after, the minor party candidates can win and your vote still counts as preference for the major party.

Another reason to vote No. 1, 2, 3 for Christian minor party candidates is that any party that receives 4% of the first preference votes automatically receives federal funding for the next election. For example, if you vote Liberals before a minor Christian party, Liberals will get tax dollars, and the minor party will get nothing. If you vote a minor party as No. 1 and Liberals as No. 2, both will receive federal funding.

When minor party candidates win, WE will send a strong message to the establishment. Make your prayers heard in Heaven & your voice heard on earth!

God Bless Australia, Mates.

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Maybe i stand outside  new world with a sign look up we are been poisoned from the sky, our food, our water, our children, etc.

Say what you will about Christianity and the many, many crimes of Catholic / Protestant institutionalism, but the confusion between CHRISTianity and CHURCHianity has allowed the Satanists -- and yes, it is a very real religion whose beliefs have done very well, thanks to Hollywood and co-opted media -- to finally remove the Christianity that has served as a 2,000-year vanguard protecting CIVIL society. If people only knew the reality of terms like "outer darkness" or did their homework on the difference between CHURCHianity and CHRISTianity! The overthrow of Churchianity has served Satanists well. God knows they have worked at it feverishly while civil society sat and passively watched, ignorant of the MORALITY and VALUES slipping away from the ever-diminishing presence of true Christianity once professed by "Christendom," as it once was called . . . What spiritual river will society's values flow from now? Do I need to spell it out?


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