UNVACCINATED children will be banned from all childcare centres and preschools in Australia-playing the 'child death' card

PM Malcolm Turnbull pushes for childcare ban for unvaccinated children

Malcolm Turnbull meets with Toni McCaffery, who lost her daughter Dana in 2009 to whooping cough.Malcolm Turnbull meets with Toni McCaffery, who lost her daughter Dana in 2009 to whooping cough.

UNVACCINATED children will be banned from all childcare centres and preschools in Australia under a hard line proposal spearheaded by the federal government.

The immunisation rates of all preschools and daycare centres will be made publicly available to parents, and a loophole allowing formal objections will also be closed as part of the Turnbull government’s plan to boost vaccination rates.

In a powerful endorsement of The Sunday Telegraph’s four-year No Jab, No Play campaign, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has written to state and territory leaders demanding all jurisdictions introduce nationally consistent laws to protect Australian children, and has vowed to take the policy to the next Council of Australian Governments (COAG) meeting.


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Thanks Danielle, wasn't aware of his wife's connection there. Makes perfect $ense though that crims marry crims.

They're doing what they did with raw milk. The Australian child who died supposedly from raw milk apparently died months after drinking raw milk. This child who died it happened in 2009 so 8 years later they pull it out of the archives. Of course it's BS.

And the pat answer they trot out Randy is the one on herd immunity. Don't ask me to explain it  ... some convoluted argument that doesn't hold water anyway. But many are convinced by it. 

That's a cool Doc Sarah. I learned recently that back in the 80s one of our local GPs didn't vacccinate his kids. Wish I'd known. We've all been plagued with immune disorders. Aus is clearly getting super fascist if they are also microchipping. 


His twitter feed and personal website where you can send a personal message to Malcolm



But like Tony Abbott

Image result for malcolm turnbull memes on vaccinations
Image result for malcolm turnbull memes on vaccinations

"Let’s have a look at the prime minister of Australia, the leader of the Liberals. Malcolm Turnbull. He has previously admitted having some of his extensive wealth invested in different pharmaceutical companies. But more disturbing his wife, Lucy, is the chairman at Prima Biomed. An international company that develops cancer and autoimmune vaccinations.  Anyone of these products could be worth billions if picked up in national vaccine programs around the world."  http://crazzfiles.com/labor-liberal-and-big-pharma-the-conflicts-of...

Wow, and it gets worse, and is so obvious! Thanks Lee

ok - find my post...

sue each one in theur provate capacity as man and woman and invoke a common law court...

study Karl Lentz materials extensively related to how to do this...

it is nt difficult - and rather simple...

drop the rock - stop complaining -and take action.

be a man or a woman...

can u do that?

because once we learn WHO we are and the remedy we have...

and how to use it...

they are finished....

always have been - they just systematically took out civis from all the classrooms they conrtol after 1850... they have long term plans for you...

One of my daughters caught whooping cough at 4yrs old. She was very sick for 4mths!

Guess what , she had had all whooping cough vaccines. I was ignorant of the woes of vaccines or what was in them back then - if only!!

luckily there were only about 8 vaccines back in the 70's and 80's. 

Proof right there eh Fiona. 

And thanks for the links Sarah. Just found out also about their fingers in pharma pies. Sooo obvious alright!

This heart breaker of misinformation was printed in our local news paper. Apologies regarding the cropped edge.

Heartbreaking alright Bill. I felt the same when I saw these ones in the Nelson Mail (online) courtesy of Stuff: (and cannot cause cancer? what lies, just saw recently a case where following hpv a young woman got just that then healed herself with her own cancer protocol & Doc had the cheek to say it was a miracle discounting all her hard work detoxing etc etc) will find the link.

Misinformation/disinformation and outright bloody lies!!.This info is fruadulant.That bloody vaccine is one of the worst toxic nightmares to ever inject into a child.Grrrrr.......

ditto Ant. They clearly still have a captive section of the population as audience. I think that's changing though. I'm amazed as I meet folks who were aware decades ago that vaccinations weren't ok. I was one of the totally brainwashed I have to say. Not any more. 


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