Whistleblower scientist's career destroyed, jailed for daring to publish info on a retrovirus

This looks very interesting ... if you go to the source (at end) you can watch the video ... this woman dared to publish her findings that a newly discovered retrovirus was linked to chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), prostate cancer, lymphoma, and eventually neurodevelopmental disorders in children... 
Drugs, Disease and Deception: A Medical Whistleblower’s Tale with Judy Mikovits Phd (Episode 60, GFM Media)

judy mikovits interview global freedom movement vaccinationMeet Dr. Judy Mikovits, a passionate research molecular biologist and biochemist;1 wrongfully jailed with her career destroyed forever because she dared to publish findings unacceptable to vested interests.

Back story: On July 22, 2009, a special meeting was held with twenty-four leading scientists at the National Institutes of Health to discuss early findings that a newly discovered retrovirus was linked to chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), prostate cancer, lymphoma, and eventually neurodevelopmental disorders in children. When Dr. Judy Mikovits finished her presentation the room was silent for a moment, then one of the scientists said, “Oh my God!”

The resulting investigation would be like no other in science.

For Dr. Mikovits, a twenty-year veteran of the National Cancer Institute, this was the midpoint of a five-year journey that would start with the founding of the Whittemore-Peterson Institute for Neuro-Immune Disease, and end with her as a witness for the federal government against her former employer, Harvey Whittemore, for illegal campaign contributions to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

On this journey Dr. Mikovits would face the scientific prejudices against CFS, wander into the minefield that is autism, and through it all struggle to maintain her faith in God and the profession to which she had dedicated her life. This is a story for anybody interested in the peril, promise, and corruption of science at the very highest levels.

In this week’s interview of GFM Media, we will discuss, among other things, how prominent journals like Nature, Cell, and Science are damaging science. Case in point: the day before receiving the 2013 Nobel Prize in Medicine, Dr. Randy Schekman published a piece in The Guardian newspaper in which he declared his intention to never submit another piece of research to the journals, Science, Cell, Nature, and others like them because they are not serving the best interests of humanity and society.

Judy A. Mikovits has spent her life training to be a research scientist to honor her grandfather who died of cancer when she was a teenager. Dr. Mikovits earned her BA from University of Virginia and PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from George Washington University. In her 35-year quest to understand and treat chronic diseases, she has studied immunology, natural products chemistry, epigenetics, virology and drug development. In just over twenty years she rose from an entry-level lab technician to become director of the lab of Antiviral Drug Mechanisms at the National Cancer Institute before leaving to direct the Cancer Biology program at EpiGenX Pharmaceuticals in Santa Barbara California.

Judy Mikovits’ revelations around tainted vaccines and contaminated blood1 have caused shockwaves that resulted in the censoring and suppression of her work, and smearing of her character. Tonight, we look to discover why.

Having spent the last four years defending herself against bogus charges, whilst enduring four years of forced silence due to a court-ordered gag order, Judy’s life and career have changed forever, yet she continues to speak the truth.  Join us, 9 pm Sydney time on Global Freedom Movement Media, as Dr. Judy Mikovits sets the story straight.

SOURCE: http://globalfreedommovement.org/event/drugs-disease-and-deception-...

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Video does not appear to be available

Thanks for pointing this out Highest Good. Not sure if I linked wrong page or it's changed. Anyway there's a video at this link, bottom of page:    http://globalfreedommovement.org/drugs-disease-and-deception-a-medi...

Thanks, Danielle - important topic.

Yes it certainly is. 

Dissenters are not considered heroes, obviously. Please view this YouTube. 


This is a Tribeka review of other whistle blowers discussing the documentary "Silenced". I viewed it on Netflix. If someone can post the entire, please post.

This researcher is not alone, and historically there are many examples of sterling medical professionals not just pointing our the poisonous characteristics of money and power agendas.

Ironically, this information base has become top heavy. One wonders how long it will take before populace outrage will tolerate draconian measures targeting them. They are a form of healers to culture. This healing is relevant to psycho-pathological conduct on the part of governments and by connection corporate entities.  


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