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This lady's onto it.

Water is the new oil.

My concern lies with what is behind this seemingly sudden water gold rush.

My suspicions of the agenda behind the hype

1)of e coli contaminated water in growing numbers of towns including some that just happen to have a fluoride free tap turned off for "safety"

2)of excessive takes of water for irrigation

3)of cattle contaminating water

4) of consents being given for massive amounts of clean water for export

5)of the seemingly brain dead hype behind fluoridation made compulsory in water

6)of the increasingly draconian rules by councils on the use of water.

Perhaps I am unecessarily concerned as it could be a just case of unchecked greed. 

So buy & install aka conceal those water tanks before they become unlawful.

The public water being turned off came to my attention when the Auckland council over the water crisis (from over abundance rather than lack of) to save water decided to turn off all public drinking fountains!

I wrote about 'blue' gold replacing black gold aka oil thirteen years ago in a magazine article trying to alert the public. Some understood though many were just too preoccupied with inane things. Rio Nuevo bought the water rights in five west Texas counties. Occidental petroleum and other oil people were 'investors' of rio Nuevo. No limits on how much water drained out of the Oglala aquifer were set. Also heard that Pickens was shipping water in bladders to China

It's been brewing for a long time Susan, trouble is, most folk don't believe it until it's right on top of them.

As I've commented elsewhere, many science fiction authors have foreseen the coming of water wars. Despite the track record of science fiction as a precursor to future reality, people still say "oh, it's just fiction".

Water Wars aren't scifi anymore!


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