Hi Trailers. Below is some information I received from a friend who heard it from a friend. So it is second hand, but still important and worth knowing.

(Original posters name withheld)
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By crikey someone had an interesting afternoon at a community meeting. This from a friend...
I have just returned from a meeting... a community meeting, and while there, a person who should know told me something disturbing.
The Government needed a precedent (read: excuse) and they found it after the Ashburton WINZ shootings. They immediately placed security guards in all WINZ offices... but soon (budget day?) they will announce they can no longer afford this security and will do away with it....
...along with, at the same time, closing most WINZ offices ... if you need help or a benefit... you will have to apply online... if you want an appointment with one of the few offices left open, then expect long delays and everyone will be there. (example, from the top of my head... Greymouth residents will need to travel to Christchurch...)
This may not happen till after the next election, but this is just a heads up. The person who told me works high up in Internal Affairs and is a National party supporter... I'm guessing he didn't know who I was....

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finally we see the wood for the trees, thanks Saru G for passing on this information. I could have thought of a hundred different other scenarios, but I have to admit this one is quiet genius.

WHAT BASTARDS - and beneficiaries,  please get familiar with the reasons NOT TO SIGN UP with their RealMe ID, national identification.

wow what a world we are moving into. Souless humanless... soon they (the WINZ Officers) will know what it is like to be jobless to I suppose.

Stay Soulful Rose, the tide will turn, they cannot win and the more people onto this globalization scam, the more we can throw our spanner in the works to fark it up, just quietly.

My biggest worry is the rfid chip i cannot not take the mark of beast.

Michael, it would seem every litre of plasma/ air we breathe and have been breathing for decades now contains just the right nano ingredients to self assemble and set up in side  of us the conditions needed to broadcast our bioenergy fields with thoughts and emotions plus biochemical state and anything else to be read and recorded by countless satellites live in space already.  Rather than worry, hit the off button and givem nothing to go on, or think 'brick wall, brick wall'

Good on you S.G with this report.  Sounds like it's all about Centralization yet again but of course we've known that for some time now, here at CT at least.  Also ird pushing everyone to get online accounts and activating voice recognition so somewhere down the track our voices can be cut and spliced and put back together in a fake recording to no doubt be used against or incriminate us at a later date especially if these voice data banks get hacked into.

Another step in their virtual take-over. As in they use virtual money; Virtual offices etc. What next? Virtual online food for the hungry? And remember, electronic can be shut down. Just try getting something from the bank if you lose your card and don't have their required number of photo ID's.

I had the misfortune to walk into Ashburton McDonalds to  use the toilet after driving from Christchurch to Timaru to see you could order and pay at a screen and wait for your food to be ready. Another thing from Back to the Future that was planned in plain sight!

IRD will be doing the same to a lesser extent, they have no call back option anymore. If they are busy  they now inform you to sign up for their online service. The Ashburton production was like Port Arthur, few saw through the BS while the rest of the sheeple bleet and continue to chew their regurgitated cud!

hundreds of millions spent in IT to spy on us with funny money loans which we are the collateral for.Lousy bastards.been watching this coming!Your right SG-i can see there will be office closures of various guv depts as they cant make the interest payments on the current loans.I think most tax goes straight to the banks with guv borrowing against us to propup the ruse!

The question that  occurs to me  is - What could happen to their house of cards if everyone went through the process of becoming a freeman? Withdrawing our birth certificate collateral would stick it up them big time. 


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