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ha imitates art

That was a stupid movie wasn't it?

Dear Jack,
Re: Texas Church Shooting & CIA
I have a friend who is an ex CIA MK-Ultra mind control slave victim here in L.A. and know quite a lot about how they select and train assassins. What you say is correct, but unfortunately most will not believe you because they have been so indoctrinated by the mainstream media most members of the public are mildly mind-controlled themselves.
As you will be aware already, the main ‘tell tale signs’ that a person is a CIA mind-control slave, are 1) The person has been identified with cruelty with animals (as this is part of the trauma-based programming to create mind-controlled assassins)  and 2) The victim has spent time in a CIA/Military psychiatric institution or hospital (where they are trained using mind-altering drugs and controlled using brain implants etc.
Your remarkable insight and predictions Jack in linking the mainstream media reports (if you can believe them) in your email below with the killer and the CIA’s Clandestine Service and 49th Medical Group Mental Health psychological/psychiatric service at Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico really shocked me when I read this numbing UK Independent article today proving your insight is probably correct:
Devin Kelly: Texas shooter escaped from a mental hospital in 2012, say officials: The man who went on a shooting spree at a church in Texas this weekend had previously escaped from a mental hospital in New Mexico, reports show. He had been institutionalized after beating his then wife and her child in 2012 while stationed at Holloman Air Force Base, but was able to escape and flee the state to Texas in 2012, documents obtained by local media  ... In a missing person report filed after his escape, the shooter was described as “a danger to himself and others as he had already been caught sneaking fire arms  onto Holloman Air Force Base” where he was “attempting to carry out death threats” he had made to his chain of command.” There are various reports confirming he has been charged for cruelty to animals.
A lot of people are questioning how the FBI were there on site almost immediately, when their field office is in San Antonio over an hour’s drive away. This is very suspicious. Also, if 26 people were killed and 24 were injured inside the church, the whole thing would have been perfectly recorded on video as all their services were videoed and posted online. This is almost the entire congregation who were killed or seriously injured, yet some videos and photos of the church immediately after the event show no church member cars in the car parks alongside the grounds, yet others do. Something is really fishy here.
Unfortunately, both Google and YouTube are now heavily censoring their postings, and Facebook is a division of the CIA anyway , so we have now reached the stage it is almost impossible to believe anything these scumbags publish about anything.
Thanks for your insight and work Jack.
Amazing times!
V L.


this sure makes the "3 strikes law" seem unreasonable...but who's paying attention? Not the MSM.  They didn't tell the whole story.  This sick bastard should have gotten a LONG sentence...not 1 year.

Wonder if Rabid Dog Mattis is going to speak up about this injustice?...doubtful any of those brass will.  I sure haven't heard them if they did.  Maybe they should be called out.  We will have to do it because MSM is covering up.

Military courts used to be they are powder puffs
LOOK AT THESE CRIMES & tell me this guy should have been walking the streets

Texas Church Shooter: What No One is Saying About the Insanity of His Prior Conviction

I've kept off these mass shooting threads for a while but its obvious its MK Ultra to me. These situations took off straight after The Dark Night Rises and the Aurora shooting (which was an obvious programmed situation to anyone who knows anything about mind control).

Its totally sick making, and of course they don't want patriots with guns. Had a conversation with someone here the other day who was saying how terrible the whole patriot movement is. He said "whats up with those gun toting Americans, its despicable its like they don't even trust their government?". To that I replied "well do YOU trust the American government?". That stopped him in his tracks. LOL

Unfortunately in New Zealand most people can't even get their heads around the fact our government is just as deep in on it all...whole other story.

Thanks George, yes I heard about Stranger Things..they have been producing more and more that blatantly spell out the Mind Kontrol Program. All hiding in plain sight.

In "American Ultra" they even have an agent turn up to the store where the main character works and speak a numerical codes to him to trigger his "supersoldier alter"...spoiler alert..its a crappy movie that ends rather badly in a total bloodbath. LOL

Apparently this one "Butterfly Effect" (with Ashton Kutcher) tells the story of how childhood sexual abuse is used on him and it breaks him into multiples which he recalls later on in life. People have told me all about it, I wont watch this one though...too graphic.

Theres a heap of films out there now spelling it out, part of the "free will agreement" they believe they are tricking us into. Which is a real concept in black magic but their logic isn't quite far as I can tell its truly only free will if people have a total understanding of the situation. Which they don't.

Its more likely its coercion so I'm hoping the karma of that will end up in our favour, soon.

another shooting, anothr American town 

BREAKING NEWS - Three dead in shooting at California elementary school



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