Friends, take a minute and read this entire email...

Because of the wireless radiation proliferation, in various forms, we are now in, and we are fast approaching an epidemic of proportions that are unimaginable to most people.

I have warned you for years about the dangers of wireless radiation. I know you respect the education I have provided. And you are continually finding validation regarding this issue from many other sources as well. And I am here to keep warning you. We are in and heading even deeper into a crisis, a saturation point of radiation, that will be undermining peoples' health in ways that is presently hard to embrace or believe. Look up the psychological term: "Normalcy Bias."

I can barely get off the phone during the day, speaking with so many people challenged by this wireless radiation issue in one form or another. I spoke to a 92 year old lady today. She was the sweetest person. She was having EMF symptoms and living near a cell tower. She told me "it would kill her to have to move." The phone call almost killed me by breaking my heart.

I want to visit some friends on the island of Maui. Just to find a temporary rental for a week, I put an ad in Craigslist, explaining I was a professional EMF consultant (not a high maintenance person) and wanted a rental where there was no wireless radiation. Strangely, I ended up on the phone for hours providing EMF consulting to numerous people who were interested in the subject! And a few of these people lived near cell towers and were curious about the dangers. And I still have not found a place to stay!

Wireless and highly toxic smart meters are proliferating quickly through cities. The new 5G technology networks are going to be saturating cities, already in approximately 11 large cities if my estimate is correct.

I assure you, in total sobriety, that health conscious people will need to be making an exodus from large cities and residential areas on the grid. Our bodies are not going to evolve or adapt quickly enough to deal with this epidemic of toxic, carcinogenic wireless radiation. Look around. Notice the increased speed, stress, irritation, irrationality, headaches, health issues. This is not normal. Cities are becoming large microwave ovens!

I want to ask you a favor. Would you force yourself to sit for at least 10 or 15 minutes and listen to this guy in the video below?  He is kind, clear, highly articulate and is telling the truth. And this truth needs to keep sinking in deeper and deeper into your consciousness.

Why do I keep saying "you" and "your" and not include myself? It is simple. I am involved in the human suffering caused by this issue every single day. This epidemic wireless issue and what the future will bring is no longer a mystery to me. I carry the weight of "knowing." And even my friends, who think they understand, still send me emails signed at the bottom with: "sent from my iphone." No, my dear friends, you do not understand yet. And yes, I know you think you have no other alternative for staying "connected." That is because you are not awake to this issue yet.

I am not being rude. And I am not trying to sound like a complaining martyr. I am simply attempting to make a loud sound that you will hear and feel. Comfort and convenience will keep many of you from hearing for a while. I am hoping my sound is louder than your comfort. But I doubt it is at this time. The water is warming up and the frogs are still cooking.

Remember, I am mainly speaking to those who live in cities and residential neighborhoods, connected to a grid that does not belong to them. This grid belongs to those who do not care about human beings in any way, shape or form and are participating in an experiment that is going to end very badly for us, the guinea pigs and lab mice! Hear me now, or later. However, I am doing and speaking what I can to assist a much needed awakening.

Please listen to this gentleman, he is very intelligent and poised in his presentation:

Resources fior understanding what is happening:

Oxidative mechanisms of biological activity of low-intensity radiofrequency radiation

Pages 186-202 | Received 10 Jan 2015, Accepted 12 Apr 2015, Published online: 07 Jul 2015

WHO Radiofrequency Radiation Policy

SourcePoint Global Outreach
Neil Steven Cohen

EMF Assessment and Remediation
EMF Safety Zone YouTube Channel

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Get hold of your senators, local NOW.  This is so wrong.

Making Opportunities for Broadband Investment and Limiting Excessive and Needless Obstacles to Wireless Act or the MOBILE NOW Act

Summary: S.19 — 115th Congress (2017-2018)

Have you heard of LIFI, a technology using light rather than wireless radiation? Could be the answer.

Lifi is full of peril too peter - look into that before exposing your family


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