Friends, yes, you have heard it all before. Yes, I am a broken record, endlessly repeating myself. However, although it may appear I am just skipping around in the same groove, this is not true...

Like an acupuncture doctor, I have my fingers on the pulse of the present wireless issue. I flew to Maui to hang out with some friends. I observed once again with renewed amazement the all-pervasive addiction to cell phones. They are a drug. I provided a 3 hour emf consultation for a person who owns a spiritual retreat centers there. I was wiped out for days after giving this assistance from all the wireless exposure I endured while educating him about what was going on in his environment. I noticed many of the cell tower locations on that island, not to mention having to try out 4 different rental cars until I found one in which I could deactivate the bluetooth radiation!

I come back here to the Big Island and on a Saturday when I want to go to the beach, I cannot get off the phone, speaking with people who are suffering from wireless radiation exposure and do not understand what is happening to them. And, I just got off the phone with a registered nurse who wanted to speak to me about her symptoms of electro-hypersensitivity.

I simply asked her:

1) Do you have wireless internet? Answer: Yes
2) Do you drive during the day with your cell phone in your purse or in your car ready to receive a call? Yes.
3) Your hands are burning, do you type directly on the keyboard of your laptop. Yes.
4) Do you have a cordless phone in your home? Yes.

After our conversation, she could not thank me enough and was so excited to potentially have a life more free of suffering from her symptoms. She told me she knew about this issue and has studied it. I told her "you know about this issue in your mind, but you are not awake yet." Then I paused so she could take that in. She understood.

Another friend just emailed me, she is a holistic health professional. She was telling me about the discomfort her client and his family were experiencing living at the top of a high rise apartment building in Marina Del Rey, Calif. This cannot possibly surprise me, as they are surrounded on all sides by wireless radiation from neighbors and most likely cellular towers on the roof of the building and the surrounding buildings as well!

My friends, I know you have heard me repeat myself over and over. However, I need to say it again. This wireless radiation issue is out of control. It is going to get worse and worse. It is literally unstoppable at this point. It will be 100% up to you to make the decisions required so as to protect yourself and your family.

If you carry a cell phone during the day, ready to receive a call, you are not awake. It is plain and simple. This is not criticism, it is a fact. So if health issues arise, you dont need to wonder where they came from, because your cell phone is poisoning you all day long while it is exchanging data with a local cell tower through your body and brain.

I tried to log into my Amazon seller account the other day. Guess what? They said they are now going to be using 2 Party Authentication. So I will not be able to log into my account without a cell phone, which they send a text code to so I can log in! Which means to continue making a living I will be required to have a cell phone sitting here at my desk and have to turn it on to receive this code so I can support myself.

This issue is out of control. It will not stop. It is the new normal. The only question is how far into this new "normal" do we want to go? Please try to stay awake. Our health depends on this decision greatly.

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Fantastic article as usual from Neil.  


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