Friends, I am not suggesting every word of the article below is the truth. However, it does appear to be an intelligent and reasonable article. Only the brave need click the link below to read. 

I believe there are trends unfolding on the planet right now, that would make even the most diehard conspiratorial researchers cringe or want to look away. 

The rollout of an entire 'weaponized' 5G wireless grid ('the internet of things'), while all of us innocent and ignorant humans are participating, addicted, and thinking this is just normal technological evolution? 

Hold on for the ride! The soulless ones have a very large and forward looking plan, and it is unfolding smoothly as most of us have our heads stuck in our twitter, instagram and facebook accounts. 

And I am going to say it one more time, or many more times...Be prepared to move. Be prepared to be making an exodus out of the cities and neighborhoods you love. The 5G antenna systems which will 'connect everything'...unless a miracle occurs, will be in very close proximity to our homes and businesses. Even if it just a tiny little consideration for you at this time, start giving a little attention to a plan B and alternative areas for living outside of populated areas.

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The ones in rule now seem to forget we are humans and of flesh and blood..and we are not meant to be around much that we are not to ingest much we are offered now called food. Truth shines through! in the darkest of times. Thanks for the share.   Linda Joy Adams

 Turn off everything for weeks, 2-3.  See if the message is received. We must communicate with each other differently. We have been doing this already, just do not Consent !

Thanks for posting Rose, I was not shocked because nothing surprises me anymore, these of us awake are well aware how humanity is being attacked, a War on us to destroy as many as possible, all the time they have been making money from poisoning our food chain, vaccinations, toxic water, putting harmful chemicals in our toiletries, toothpaste, home cleaning products, even our clothing and furniture harbors chemicals... Spraying from the air every day, and the list goes on, but this 5G looks to be far more lethal and fast, perhaps the final stages of the Elites NWO plan. My only comfort is knowing we are souls and move onto the afterlife, that as long as we never give our soul away to the satanic ones walking among us, and controlling us, we are safe... We were all given free will, if we do not use it, then we will allow this to happen..

Barrie Trower spoke recently on the Richie Allen Show. Barrie is an expert on 5g. No living thing on Earth can escape it,if it takes a hold. The interview below needs to be spread far and wide.

Thank you Damian for the Video, and Yes I will share it.

Neil (and mum) helped save my life.  Take heed, Listen to this guy! 

I moved (finally) and found my new and exciting life, free of the new tech that is quickly encroaching but slowly killing us all.


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