Friends, put yourself in my position. This is not easy for me. To be honest, it is actually emotionally challenging. I derive no pleasure or enjoyment sending out these warnings. And my heart actually carries a bit of a heavy burden, knowing precisely what is coming in a much deeper way than most others do at this time.

For those of you living in cities, for whom these updates are most relevant, I am not sure what you think of me and my emails? Oh there he goes again being an alarmist. Or thinking he is some kind of futuristic trend forecaster. Or he must have a lot of extra time on his hands sending out email updates like this.

I am not exactly sure how these updates enter the consciousness of the people on this list? And truly, it is none of my business. I simply do what I feel to do, so hopefully people are not taken by surprise. And when the 5G transmitters end up outside your front door, or outside the window of your child's room, you will remember that I warned you, and possibly you will take action sooner than if you had not been warned and educated.

Am I sounding heavy or negative? I think not.

Watch this video. It is badly presented. But watch it anyway. Skip through it if you wish. However, listen to these citizens totally upset about the 5G wireless transmitters being put up in their neighborhoods without any warning, without their permission. And look at the small transmitters, THAT MOST OF US WOULD NOT EVEN RECOGNIZE! These transmitters will be blasting super high, gigahertz level frequencies throughout neighborhoods, towns and cities!

Let me put this into perspective for you. When an ignorant human being puts food into a microwave oven, that idiotic device uses frequencies, if I remember correctly, at about 2.4 gigahertz (almost 2 and 1/2 billion cycles per second) to cook their food. By the way, cell phones use a similar frequency. The new 5G technology transmitters will be using frequencies up into the dozens of gigahertz, possibly between 10 to 25 gigahertz, or even higher! Nobody knows what this will do to the body. And as I study this issue more, I will know more exactly what gigahertz ranges they will be using.

I am in contact with the manufacturers of microwave meters, waiting on the edge of my seat for word about the new meters being made that will be able to measure the 5G frequencies. The moment they are available I will be sure to let you know. In the meantime, keep yourself educated in regards to what the new 5G transmitters will look like because the corporate and political legions of demonic psychopaths will be placing them wherever they want, unless communities are able to fight them off legally.

And even if communities are successful in fighting them off legally and slowing down the proliferation in residential areas, this will do nothing to stop the 5G networks from being put everywhere along the sides of freeways, along streets and inside cities and towns.

Neil Steven Cohen
EMF Assessment and Remediation
EMF Safety Zone YouTube Channel

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I welcome the warning, being open minded is better than being dumb down and ignorant.
This is our last chance to stop the genocide of humanity.
These that turn their backs will live to see how ignorance is not bliss.

We Love you Rose. Thanks for fighting for all of us.

Blessings, Blessings and more Blessings.

Thankyou Rose, you are doing so much to help us all. Please do not feel burdened, I wish for your heart to feel light as a flower, bathing in the sunlight of truth. You are such a rare and wonderful flower indeed.


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