We’ve all felt sorry for rich people sometimes: that occasional guy (or gal!) with loads of cash, but very few real friends …

… who drives a Lamborghini home to a huge, empty house, because he’s worked himself out of a family.

It makes you realize that people can have tons of money and still be missing out on true wealth.

Now compare that rich (but not wealthy) person with Juancensio—a Tarahumara Indian I met a few years back on a trip to Copper Canyon, Mexico.

In this video, I tell you more about my journey to meet the Tarahumara.

It’s a fact that Juancensio didn’t have much money by American standards.

But, then, true wealth can’t be measured in dollars and cents:

  • He lived in a gorgeous valley surrounded by incredibly fertile soil.
  • He grew amazing crops every year and got his water from a fresh mountain spring.
  • He lived and worked with his beautiful, loving family.
  • He was healthy and able.
  • He had plenty of food on the table, plus a three year’s supply of corn and beans stored on his property.
  • He deeply enjoyed his life and found his work meaningful.
  • He was well-respected in his community.

I’m sure you’d agree with me that, even though Juancensio didn’t drive a Lamborghini, he was still an incredibly wealthy man.

Many of you have written to ask what got me started writing Grow: All True Wealth Comes From the Ground.

I can truly say a major inspiration came as I stood on Juancensio’s front porch, drinking in the realization that this Tarahumara Indian man—whom very few Americans would consider “rich”—was one of the wealthiest people I had ever met.

I think, as you watch it, you’ll see why I had to tell this story—and why both you and I are already wealthier than most millionaires.

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yup ...thats the life i want , similar anyway 


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