In the forests and fields of the world, there dwells a plant that suddenly finds itself in the midst of controversy and public health debate.

After years of being outlawed, recent laws have passed in states like California, Colorado, Maine and Washington that have brought this power herb into the forefront of mainstream media. Many modern doctors are advocating for its legalization as well.


Because its health benefits are becoming impossible to deny - especially for conditions such as chronic pain, arthritis, epilepsy, and certain types of cancer.

This green and pungent plant is often labeled a “street drug” because of its mind-altering effects. You've probably heard it sung about on hit radio tunes dating back to the early 1960’s - but its long list of proven medical uses are usually not included in the lyrics.

How is one little herb capable of so much hubbub?

If you’re curious about what this plant is (if you haven’t already guessed),
our good friend Dr. John has put together a free web series called
The Sacred Plant, that is worth checking out.

These jam-packed interviews cover a number of different uses for this highly medicinal herb - as well as important facts that we all should know before using it to treat ourselves or others.

This bold new project will be premiering on Wednesday, June 7th at 9pm Eastern Standard Time.

Click here to watch the trailer

Dr John’s quest began when his father-in-law was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer and was told by doctors that there was nothing more they could do. Putting their faith in conventional medicine, his family tried the standard route of chemotherapy for his lungs and radiation for his brain, treatments which nearly took his life.

Seeing that these modern treatments were not working, John and his wife searched desperately for an alternative solution. They finally found their answer in this one special plant, that has been used for thousands of years by cultures around the world.

It has kept his father-in-law alive 6 years past his “expiration date” - not to mention cancer free ever since.

This experience inspired him to embark on a quest to bring this vital, life-saving information forward to the masses. This Sacred Plant will be premiering on Wednesday June 7th, at 9pm Eastern Standard Time.

Register here!

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This was a great post Rose. I signed up immediately. We follow most of these on-line seminars. I noticed you put up one of the “Truth About Cancer” videos. I have the whole set and many others.

Been taking Rick Simpson oil for many years. I don’t smoke it because I don’t like being high but a nice glob of oil before bed does wonders. Mexico just passed medical marijuana in the lower house. Now it needs to get passed in the equivalent of the Senate. Not that it matters. I’m sure there are laws about everything here but nobody cares and laws just don’t get enforced.

There’s now 5 people in Mexico that can grow and use Cannabis. They sued the Government and took it all the way to the Supreme Court. They sued as a group claiming that the Government has no right to tell anyone what they can do. In Mexico, that’s a basic premise. The government is not allowed to interfere in the people’s lives or business. They won, but only those 5 people can use Cannabis. If ultimately 6 different groups sue and win, it becomes law and Cannabis will be legal for everyone.

Meantime, I grow and make the oil but I’ve now found several stores that sell it (not legally but nobody cares). 500 pesos (about $25) for 3mg. If you’re not taking heavy doses for Cancer, that will last you months. Once you’ve spent time in the States, coming to Mexico is like moving to Heaven.


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