VAXXED is showing in NZ despite a concerted effort from media and pro vaccine groups to shut this information down...

I had a message today from one of the team members organising the viewing of Vaxxed. Posters torn down, a venue cancelled, hostile staff in other venues... "this is not an easy project" she said

Please spread the word, share share share on facebook and with your Dunedin friends and family 9th April. 2pm!


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Yes typical of whore media Jenny.

VAXXED screened in golden Bay last night Tuesday 30th May, to a fairly full house of over sixty five people. It was publicly advertised and there was no secrecy about the venue.

It was distressing to have dialogue with the three protesters outside the theatre, one of them a recently practicing doctor here in Golden Bay. They said they had read the reviews, and I accepted a wad of information from them and adamant assurances that it was not necessary for them to view the documentary at any time!. None of them had seen the documentary previously and refused offers three times to see the film for free right then." I wouldn't waste the time " was one comment. During the last week advertising had been removed and stashed around the town!

I had called the Medical Centre and requested they have a Doctor there to answer any questions, none were apparent last night . Where is the dialogue? How breath taking is the arrogance that they will not answer questions? Who are these people that we are supposed to hold in high regard and turn to with health issues? I have to say they seem guilty and complicate by their absence.

The refusal of the medical profession to even view the film is arrogance indeed. It goes totally against the principles of science to refuse to view the evidence before giving opinions.  It makes a mockery of the medical and scientific world.  How on earth can we trust these people!? I hand delivered movie pamphlets in addressed envelopes to every GP in Dunedin.  As far as I know not one attended the screening.  They are absolutely blinkered - or maybe they fear their jobs are on the line if they attend.  I gave a private screening to a MoH epidemiologist, but she refused to comment. I can understand, as her job definitely would be on the line if she supported the movie.  But at least it hopefully gave her food for thought.

Bravo for screening it in Golden Bay.  Sixty+ was a good audience. It will have made an impact around New Zealand as it has been shown in many centres now.

Jenny, Sarah, It was a real pleasure to look around that room last night and see so many from our tiny town, ready to look at new information. The most outspoken (and knowledgeable) folk were ConTrail members.

THANK YOU to you beaut people that care enough to attend and continue to speak of the absurdities.  Thank you to the wonderful organisers, thank you Sarah for following through with a few simple phone calls.

VAXXED is not an anti vaccine film, but instead a revealing look at the vaccine industry.

Thanks Rose - you keep us going when the going gets tough!

They all say that it is an anti-vaccine film but maybe the revealing look at the vaccine industry is  what scares them most - because they blindly trust that industry.  That has been drilled into them since medical school days and that brain-washing is not easily changed. You would think they would have been trained to question - but there are some questions you simply are not allowed to ask.  Incredibly sad - and dangerous.

A video Vinny did on Dr O'Sullivan, the first one is a 5 min clip from the second which is over an hour long.

You Won't Believe What They Admitted on the News in 1971...


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