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The Flat Earthers Are Being Sent Into Every Real Truth Movement

Started this discussion. Last reply by Martin Harris Mar 17. 5 Replies

Flat Earthers SYSTEMatically Being Used To Disrupt And Undermine Truth Movements EverywhereRevisionist Historians for World Peace Submitted to …Continue

Tags: internet, trolls, operation, black, earth


Started this discussion. Last reply by rose Apr 8. 44 Replies

Here is your proof!THE SOUTHERN OCEAN CLOUDS, RADIATION, AEROSOL TRANSPORT EXPERIMENTAL STUDY (SOCRATES) Southern ocean clouds,radiation, aerosol transport experimental study.To be carried out…Continue


Humans are Waking Up: For First Time in Recorded History, Schumann Resonance Jumping to 36+

Started this discussion. Last reply by Jennifer Goddard Feb 5. 6 Replies

Humans are Waking Up: For First Time in Recorded History, Schumann Resonance Jumping to 36+On 1/31/2017, for the first time in recorded history, the Schumann Resonance has reached frequencies of…Continue

Tags: 2017, up, sped, resonance, schumann

Christmas day terrorist plot for Melbourne - prevented by police

Started this discussion. Last reply by Susan Dec 24, 2016. 1 Reply

Police have disrupted a terrorist plot to detonate improvised explosive devices at locations in central Melbourne, possibly on Christmas Day, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull says.Key points:Police…Continue

Tags: Christmas, day, 2016, Melbourne, prevented


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Fiona replied to rose's discussion CNN Lies Send Ratings to Record Lows, Yogi Bear, Olsen Twin Reruns Now Have More Viewers
"I have been pretty blown away lately with the change at Fox news. They seem to be diametrically opposed to CNN now. Heard a great report this evening exposing the previous government for serving the elie and not the people of America."
Jul 10
Fiona replied to rose's discussion Medical Doctor who Escaped Vietnam as a Child in the 1970s Explains Why He no Longer Vaccinates in the group Vaccination Information
"The most incredible interview I have heard on this subject. It gives me hope. I have been working on two doctors for a few years regarding vaccines. One of the doctors - the immunologist that gave our son 24 shots of allergy injections over two…"
Jul 9
Fiona replied to rose's discussion Floating Space City, ‘Asgardia’ Holds Meeting on Earth to Dispel Fears It Will Be a “Kingdom”
"Yes former blobs of original human specimens - All brain and no brawn. A couple of my grandkids have Gaming addictions already. It's a tug of war to get them outdoors to do real stuff."
Jul 1
Fiona replied to rose's discussion Floating Space City, ‘Asgardia’ Holds Meeting on Earth to Dispel Fears It Will Be a “Kingdom”
"Maybe the kids movie Wall.E from 2008 was made to prepare us for this idea? Not a very good lifestyle up there in this movie - check it out. Wall.E movie space station for humans. I could not think of…"
Jun 29
Fiona replied to rose's discussion Cannabis Takeover by Bayer and Monsanto? Here’s What you Need to Know… in the group Grow your own Food and Medicine , Featuring the Awake Gardener: Wally Richards
"Filthy rotten scoundrels! I saw this coming a few years ago - gmo medical.marijuana. Maybe that's why legalizing has been so tough - hold it off till released on mass by Baymonster. I have been wanting to take Bayer on for a few years regarding…"
Jun 24
Fiona commented on Marian's photo

P1650072, 12/ 06/ 2017, Hawarden-Waikari, Hurunui, NZ

"Wow that is apocalyptic - Ouch. I have only seen ripples here in Auck once very badly and a few other days a bit here and there.since April. Much less than in Melb where we lived under the Melb to TAS radar."
Jun 16
Fiona favorited rose's discussion Electromagnetic Geoengineering Producing Climate Chaos
Jun 6
Fiona replied to rose's discussion The Political Sacrifice Of Schapelle Corby
"I read her book a few years ago. I was greatly moved by the hell she went through and finished the book convinced she was innocent and set up. My heart aches for her while people still mock her and call her a convicted drug smuggler. She will…"
May 31
Fiona replied to rose's discussion Dogs going blind in NZ in the group Vaccination Information
"Very sad. Aluminium hydroxide levels are up in animal vaccines. Many dogs getting autistic symptoms as in humans. My daughter got a puppy that was so hyped up - destroyed and damaged everything and had severe gut problems. In they end they had to re…"
May 30
Fiona replied to rose's discussion The Light Bulb Mafia in the group Health and Wellbeing
"BTW I was an ardent campainer against smart light bulbs years back when Helen Clark delivered Labour's dumbest bright idea to give free bulbs to all homes in NZ. Jonathon Coleman got visits and documents from me, along with cell phone tower…"
May 29
Fiona replied to rose's discussion The Light Bulb Mafia in the group Health and Wellbeing
"Will download pdf and read properly when I have a computer up and running again. Have had hardly any internet access out here for two mths. We moving into a house finally at end of week. Its been a long haul."
May 29
Fiona replied to rose's discussion The Light Bulb Mafia in the group Health and Wellbeing
"I did read it carefully Rose - All very concerning for sure. Not questioning this possibility, just adding my thoughts to the big picture. All goes hand in hand I feel. Bombarded from many fronts."
May 29
Fiona replied to rose's discussion The Light Bulb Mafia in the group Health and Wellbeing
"I am pretty convinced that the scratchy eyes and irritation is geoengineering fallout. The nano particulates we have to breathe in, that also effect the eyes. Goodness knows what is in the mix?? Here in NZ. Although there's less obvious stuff…"
May 29
Fiona replied to rose's discussion Please read this from Jim Lee
"Fabulous presentation, everyone should watch and learn from Jim's hours of research."
May 25
Fiona replied to Martin Harris's discussion Australian parents who don’t vaccinate their children will be fined $14 per week by the authoritarian regime
"Well said Baza. We have an adult son vaccine injuted by allergy injections that contained mostly aluminium hydroxyxe in an aqueous based gel. The poor guy has suffered so much. Ten year decline in health. Then diagnosis in 2011. Huge levels of Al.…"
May 20
Fiona replied to Susan's discussion The Sky Is Going To Be Sprayed With Toxic Particles In A Geoengineering Experiment, Blocking The Sunlight
May 19

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My first children's novel: 'Babymandog - Unusual Bonds of Friendship'

Posted on January 2, 2017 at 12:57 4 Comments

First print just arrived on 22nd December - Yay - so exciting!

'Babymandog: Unusual Bonds of Friendship' is a children's book published by Magpie/Tales for Children, written and illustrated by me Fiona Hansen. (29 black and white pen drawings. And some photos drawn over with pen.)

What is it about?

Babymandog is a heart-warming story of a creature that is half-human/half-dog and his two best friends, who live in a place called Town, in…


Is it time to rethink why we celebrate Halloween?

Posted on October 31, 2016 at 18:30 5 Comments

Do you know who you serve when you celebrate this event? Few would pass up the opportunity to dress up and go from door to door with friends, where door steps are decorated with ghoulish candle filled pumpkins, spider webs and other things.  And to top it off, the reward of coming home with a bag of sweet…


Awaking from alzheimers - 12 day seminar - free online

Posted on September 22, 2016 at 17:26 1 Comment

Join in now - 12 days on how to reverse or prevent alzheimers. Just watching first one - so good.

Many drugs old people take are causing it. Also high blood sugar.

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At 9:15 on November 2, 2016, Al Cambrola said…

Hi Fiona and all brothers and sisters all over the world.For some reason, I joined in May and am receiving my welcome today......Better late than never!.....As usual, here in the Northeastern US, they're spraying the crap out of us..........Almost everyday...........We CAN put a stop to this insanity.

        Once again, thanks!

At 13:19 on October 26, 2016, Fluff C said…

Thank you for the welcome Fiona! I have an Uncle in Melbourne, hope you are well over there :) xxx

At 7:21 on October 24, 2016, Josephine Stokes said…

Good to be back on here with all the interesting news!  Moved from NC to Ok and now have a farm!!  I love it, but does keep you busy!!  Too old to do anything else and out of the cities with the sheeples!!  Been have very vivid dreams lately, cut my finger felt the pain and sat up in bed to put it in my mouth, not sure why we do that but we do.  Also saw in a dream the earth tilt but we froze and the moon and sun had moved in the wrong place, about on a clock the 15 position as that much and then we could see 3 or 4 planets in various sizes and I said, damn I was right, I didn't want to be right, it was as if I was there, so real!  Just saying!  Things will be changing.  Oh and then they chemtrailed the heck out of it as fast as they could, like we didn't see it, almost forgot that part.  Jo

At 9:48 on October 3, 2016, Wally Richards said…

Thank you Yes I do remember John way back in time.

At 3:11 on June 21, 2016, RichardSacks-HostOfLostArtsRadio said…

     Fiona, the only way I have found is to split our attention.  The analytical part can be on whatever we have to deal with or study, and that is often dealing with unpleasant realities of this life, which require careful attention.  But the other part, the emotional faculty through which we are "eating" on an energy level 24/7, and effects us even faster than what we physically eat, that we need to keep constantly attached to the most beautiful, uplifting and inspiring thing we can connect to, and it must stay there without a break, bringing it back when we find it wandering.  This way we can deal with and be aware of what we have to in the world without it destroying our inner balance and inspiration.  I am giving a class on real immunity and resistance tonight, 6pm pacific/9pm eastern time.  Maybe you can let others know, though it may be difficult to do on Australian time (middle of the night).  It's interactive at 657-383-1002, and anyone can call in cheaply by setting up a skype account to call phones.  We'll take questions on subjects like this.  But for those who can't make it, there will be archives on youtube, mixcloud, itunes, and    --Richard

At 18:18 on June 20, 2016, Sai Grafio said…

Thank so much. I have learned a lot as well

At 2:14 on June 20, 2016, Shambhala's King said…

Hi Fiona, thanks for asking. Very nice forum.


At 0:13 on June 20, 2016, RichardSacks-HostOfLostArtsRadio said…

     Thank you Fiona, it is nice to hear from you.  My interest is in seeing us all come back to who we really are.  There is great healing power in every one of us.  Einstein said there was enough power hidden in the smallest particle of matter, that it could re-create the entire universe if set free.  That is nothing compared to what is hidden in each of us.  Knowing the bad things that are being done by those in control of our countries and the world right now is one small step to awareness.  But then it only helps if we keep taking the steps after that and re-discover what we can do for healing.  We are carrying the solution and have had it all along.  Reconnection to it changes everything.  I would like that to happen as soon as it can, so we can change course and not experience the future that our rulers have planned for us.  At the top levels, they know that the possibility of our re-gaining self awareness is their Achilles' Heel.  So they are racing to shut us down before that happens.  But the game is not over yet.  We could still do it in time to change the outcome.  We don't even remember what Love is, and the word has become cliche'.  Really words can't touch it.  But the power is there waiting.  We have always been that.  Thanks for the energy you are sharing. 

At 20:52 on May 6, 2016, Daniela Gelter said…

Dear Fiona!

Yes - more and more people see what is going on! Fantastic! So happy about that!

I mean what they are doing to us is horrible! I am eating organic food but well, it isn't organic anymore really, is it?

All the very best 


At 19:53 on May 6, 2016, Daniela Gelter said…

Dear Fiona!

Thank you very much for your lovely welcome message! I just want to say - thanks for accepting me here and as well thanks for this forum - it is amazing!

All the KNOWING People here - the awakened people! This is fantastic!

Looking forward to all the messages, exchange and more!!!

Thanks very much again!


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