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Ken commented on rose's video

Clif High (September 25, 2017) - Web Bot Predictions Antarctica, Bitcoin, & WooWoo

"Must be some truth in the matter since google and/or YouTube say the video is unavailable."
Oct 5
Ken commented on rose's video

Extreme Earthquake Activity -- Multpile M6.0+ events across Pacific -- UNREST SPREADING 9/20/2017

"Dutchcinse did do a video, a couple of years ago, of the difference between Nuclear Test seismic waves and natural earthquakes. I remember watching it and now can't find the video (Mandela Effect?). In short, nuclear seismic waves are of short…"
Sep 25
Ken commented on rose's video

Massive Frequency SOARS from Antarctica spanning 1000's of miles!

"It actually looks more like it emanated from the south western US toward Antarctica. If one takes a look at the number of Earthquakes along the Peruvian and Chilean coasts it would appear that it was some sort of scalar beam."
Aug 13
Ken commented on Martin Harris's blog post "Step Away From The Fence And Put Away The Camera!"
"Martin; Regarding Fulford, I totally agree he is a CIA shill, but as all mis-info agents do to give credibility, there is truth mixed in with the BS. Our job is to use discernment to wiggle the truth out of the rest of the patty pile. "
Mar 4
Ken commented on Martin Harris's blog post "Step Away From The Fence And Put Away The Camera!"
"I don't know if you all are up to date on it, but take a look at some of Ben Fulford's recent revelations re: Antarctica. Also American Kabuki has some pretty interesting reading regarding the going's on there as well.…"
Mar 1
Ken commented on Martin Harris's blog post "Step Away From The Fence And Put Away The Camera!"
"Check this out.....goes hand in hand with the recent Alien civilization discoveries in Antarctica:"
Mar 1
Ken replied to renate's discussion The Unthinkable Just Happened."global climate emergency"
"No Emergency.....eventually the Earth is going to Equalize in temperature anyway as the pole shift and other geological events happen. The end result of all this will be the poles with no offset (compared to the 23.5 degree offset we have now) and…"
Jul 6, 2016
Ken replied to rose's discussion Mother Mentions Chemtrails at School, Court Takes Her Child
"Seems to me that with recent disclosures by the US Gov't about Geo engineering and the use of Chemtrails to control the weather she could stuff that order right up the judges ass, especially with a good lawyer."
May 5, 2016
Ken favorited Nym's video
Apr 24, 2016
Ken commented on Saru G's blog post Monsanto Research Facility Burned To The Ground
"OH!, I am so sorry to hear of this.......NOT!"
Feb 27, 2016
Ken commented on Saru G's photo


"They told my mom he was a pussy"
Feb 5, 2016
Ken replied to John de Rothschild's discussion Message from Turkey:
"Excellent analogy........gonna be an interesting start to 2016."
Dec 13, 2015
Ken replied to John de Rothschild's discussion Message from Turkey:
"It will take time to get Keshe's Technology deployed enough to make a difference, in the meantime we still have this CF (Cluster F*ck) in Turkey, Syria, and Iraq that needs settling."
Dec 13, 2015
Ken replied to George W. Reichel's discussion Unmarked Russian Jet in Western US Airspace
"Unmarked is the key with this incident. The US military has a bunch of Russian Aircraft, plus ground units that they use for realistic aggressor training. You can bet that this was an exercise that had the added benefit of creating a bit of fear in…"
Dec 9, 2015
Ken commented on John de Rothschild's blog post All Shook Up: Turkey’s Cheap Oil and Pipe Dream in Syria
"The cabal's minions continue to slowly but surely shoot themselves in the foot. Soon they will have no footwear capable of keeping the ever growing pile of bullshit they created away from their stockings. Erdogan is already going "oops, we…"
Nov 29, 2015
Ken replied to rose's discussion
"The largest supplier of terrorist funding and training in the world of course. You shouldn't have even needed to ask. The name of course can be spelled with two letters. U.S."
Oct 29, 2015

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At 21:43 on December 29, 2014, Fiona said…

Hi Ken Welcome to the Contrail from Melbourne Australia.  We are looking forward to your contributions - news and views from your neck of the woods.

At 16:27 on December 29, 2014, Saru G said…

Hi Ken....Welcome to the Trail.

At 16:00 on December 29, 2014, rose said…

Hello Ken - its a pleasure to have one of Ari's folk here. Thanks for oining us - let me know if you need a hand navigating.  We are a small site and many are from the southern hemispheres NZ and Australia.  

We are a fairly 3D site in comparison to 2012 emergence :D


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