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From Doreen

Everything hidden is being revealed for a higher purpose, the liberation of humanity, long-delayed by fear, and dark forces controlling Earth. Freedom requires that we first acknowledge the facts, some listed below, followed by action to transform* them.

*Everything is energy. Energy cannot be created or destroyed it can only transform.


Wars are engineered to force…


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AI Singularity: New economy rolls out mid Dec 2017

AI Singularity is designed so humans won't know the difference

Dated Dec 06.17

By Affected Collective 

Part II video transcription below states it matters not if you are a baby or a president. Everyone is now being stalked by a strong AI presence.

23:52 mins The new…


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Orbital Sun collectors. Space based weapons. S.M.A.R.T. meters/GRID. CPUC. PG&E. Rothschild

The man behind bio-hazard S.M.A.R.T. meters on our homes

S.M.A.R.T. Meter Collusion Between PG&E And Public Utilities Commission Under Criminal Investigation In CA

By Josh del Sol Feb 13, 2015

Evidence of illegal actions and collusion between former…


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Breaking!!! Sibel Edmonds Will Be In Texas to Take on Terrorist Gulen Network – Killing Ed

US Charter schools are being operated by a criminal terrorist network

Join Newsbud’s founder Sibel Edmonds as she announces she will be in Austin, Texas with members of the Newsbud team to take on the Gulen network and their pocketed politicians on Tuesday December 12, [school to be announced] 7:30 to 9:30 am. and downtown 10 a.m. to noon.

The Gulen Network [$50 billion operation; a radical terrorist movement head quartered in the USA] has…


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5 Truths About Earth’s Magnetic Reversal Now

North and south poles shifting faster, magnetic shield weakening faster

From Doreen

Anything is possible.

I suspect these changes signal end-times, and although Earth changes may challenge humans greatly, they may also save our body, mind, spirit from take over by artificial intelligence.…


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Summoning Other Dimensional Beings Is On!

Dwave and CERN opening the floodgates NOW

Dwave video clarifies the Geordie Rose video so I listed it first.

If humans don’t like the idea of becoming ‘pets’ to ultra intelligent AI in the future, like  dogs and cats are today, we need to shift our focus and fast! From the mouths of rich and powerful beings pushing AI the facts speak for themselves. Doreen…


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More wealth extraction Or Remedy? : IRS Knocking At Bitcoin's Door

"The power to tax is the power to destroy." Daniel Webster

From Doreen

History of money

Before looking at Bitcoin let's review the history of money and DEBT, based on 'fictional' money loaned a.k.a. fractional reserve banking.



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Protocol To Detox Internally and Externally From Nanotech in Chemtrails

Particle Expulsion Self Treatment

Thank you Ja B for the ‘Lookoutfa Charlie’ video below, which clearly defines technology infecting every human. This fungal infection a.k.a. Morgellons, forms a bio-film invisible to the naked eye that grows over all our skin. It’s gooey, so airborne particles stick to the film forming layers upon layers, over the years, that do not wash off in the shower.

Using a strong magnifying glass or microscope you’ll see an assortment of blue and red…


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Stealing your thoughts; NWO Hosts of Wickedness And WHY It Is So

Signs are everywhere


Nov 26.17

They are telling us everything* and most people can’t or won’t hear it. How can you protect yourself? Shotguns? Faraday cages? I’ll tell you in this video

* You may recall from the David Wilcock video ‘Rules of the Illuminati’ why they must inform humans. They are aware of benevolent forces that will prevent them from achieving their goals unless humans consent to be enslaved. [see below]…


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Chemtrails: Chilling Analysis of Morgellons “Web” Filaments From Ireland and Canada

The Transhuman Control Matrix Is Here: Chemtrails | Morgellons | Neural Lace | Transhumanism

It is suggested that 99% of humans now have artificial life growing on and inside their bodies. Details in the ‘Nano Dust’ video below. Doreen.

November 13, 2017

What distinguishes this particular case in Ireland is that a physical filament sample has been sent in combination with the video evidence; these provide a more accurate assessment of the situation on the…


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Hacking The Uni-verse

Simulation Hypothesis Vs. Materialism

Modern physics proves that a part of our sub-conscious is inseparable from Primordial Consciousness, the One True Creator of all that was, is and, ever can be.

Atoms or elementary particles are not real, they are potentialities or possibilities that respond when observed [ideas are more fundamental than objects]. In other words, the Power to change outer reality from inside each of us is real.

Is reality real or are we…


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Morgellons Is the Neural Lace: Use 11.11 Meditation To Transmute Evil

The true state of technology today

I asked everyone to think about what they would like to improve in their life and the world and energetically project it into an 11.11 global meditation.

Using technology, energy of the 11.11 meditation is spiraling around Earth 2,000 times a minute and will continue for a few days. So please go ahead and project your intentions and please include dissolving the neural lace from chemtrails, in all humans, and disapprove the Internet of…


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Puppet Masters of Media Propaganda - Resource Library

Distraction, by design, neuters consciousness into apathy and away from righteous awakening and corrective actions

These series of articles by Steve Robertson bring awareness and light to dark and hidden corners of facts, and intentional deceptions, designed to keep society in confusion and under the manipulative control of a secret cabal, a New World Order or Deep State, who enslave humanity for the purposes of greed, profit and egotistical dominating power.



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Australian Ski Fields & ThunderSnow: Global Cooling has Begun (453)

Blizzard of Oz!

Anyone care to comment?

If this is so, please post this video where you see propaganda regarding bogus global climate change. Example ...

Pope Francis on Climate Change Deniers: 'Man Is Stupid'…


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Black Magic: Satanists Rule The World, Not Politicians, Bankers Or Military Heads


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END AI Cartel! FREE Humanity! The PLAN [Part II]

Inter-dimensional Parasites

This post has everything to do with you, your family, and future. It explains:

1. WHY genocide, and harmful wireless technology including 5G are relentlessly being advanced.

2. The ROOT CAUSE of mass censorship and surveillance, ‘manufactured’ civil unrest, false flag terror attacks with paid crisis actors, mainstream distorted, false news, continuous fear porn, ‘engineered’…


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The 9 Veils Placed On Every Human Soul

By A. True Ott, PhD

Nearly a decade ago, a dear friend and colleague of mine named Don Harkins authored a wonderfully thought-provoking piece entitled “Slavery and the eight veils. Prior to Harkins’ untimely death, we discussed this “Eight-veils theory” for literally hours together – and in the end, Don asked me to write a piece about this for his newspaper, “The Idaho Observer.”  He did this, because I had shared much of my research with Don, and we together came to the…


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