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Distraction, by design, neuters consciousness into apathy and away from righteous awakening and corrective actions

These series of articles by Steve Robertson bring awareness and light to dark and hidden corners of facts, and intentional deceptions, designed to keep society in confusion and under the manipulative control of a secret cabal, a New World Order or Deep State, who enslave humanity for the purposes of greed, profit and egotistical dominating power.



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Illuminati Card Game Predicted Vegas Massacre: Did J. A. Have Foreknowledge?

WOW! What Awesome Super-sleuthing by “50SOPO” on Vegas Psyop! (Must Read)


By 50ShadesofPissedOff

I had a hard time finding a picture of Jason’s face with the tattoo…this was the best I could find from an article posted on E! just yesterday. You can see it from the side.

Tattoo on the left arm of Jason Aldean…


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Urgent—Make This Viral: NWO Planned Genocide Unfolding in Puerto Rico Shared by Police [video]

From StarshipEarth

Well, Carmen Yulin Cruz  and the Governor must be happy because the “genocide” Cruz mentioned is unfolding. For goddsake someone do something for these people. By design, they have no food, no water, people are dying. Hospitals are overwhelmed. They are an island in crisis.

Everything Mayor Cruz and the governor do are PR for the cameras so the US lamestream media has lies to broadcast.

Listen to this video. The whole thing. English translation…


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Australian Ski Fields & ThunderSnow: Global Cooling has Begun (453)

Blizzard of Oz!

Anyone care to comment?

If this is so, please post this video where you see propaganda regarding bogus global climate change. Example ...

Pope Francis on Climate Change Deniers: 'Man Is Stupid'…


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Sept 11, 3BC – Sept 23, 2017 Something ‘Extraordinary’ This Way Comes

No one knows the day or the hour …

There are 33 days between the Aug 21, 2017 solar eclipse across the USA and the Sept 23, 2017 SIGN in the sky not seen for 7,000 years. The significance of world distress prompted me to transcribe key elements in the video:

The Sign of Revelation 12

By Mark Correll Ministries

SYZYGY means alignment of 3 celestial objects. What we are about to witness is the syzygy on…


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Global Prayer & Meditation Day: Saturday, September 9, 10, 2017 or Sooner!

To End Geoengineering

and the Weather Wars

Waged Against Humanity

Dear Resident of Planet Earth,

If you are awake, you know that each and every human being alive today is under ongoing assault.  These…


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Black Magic: Satanists Rule The World, Not Politicians, Bankers Or Military Heads


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END AI Cartel! FREE Humanity! The PLAN [Part II]

Inter-dimensional Parasites

This post has everything to do with you, your family, and future. It explains:

1. WHY genocide, and harmful wireless technology including 5G are relentlessly being advanced.

2. The ROOT CAUSE of mass censorship and surveillance, ‘manufactured’ civil unrest, false flag terror attacks with paid crisis actors, mainstream distorted, false news, continuous fear porn, ‘engineered’…


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The 9 Veils Placed On Every Human Soul

By A. True Ott, PhD

Nearly a decade ago, a dear friend and colleague of mine named Don Harkins authored a wonderfully thought-provoking piece entitled “Slavery and the eight veils. Prior to Harkins’ untimely death, we discussed this “Eight-veils theory” for literally hours together – and in the end, Don asked me to write a piece about this for his newspaper, “The Idaho Observer.”  He did this, because I had shared much of my research with Don, and we together came to the…


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