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Comey shut Trump down - there will be no wire tap prosecution

 From here they will back stab Trump and oust him, this now probably equals game over. Americans now get to witness a totally failed government that is so infiltrated and usurped that there is no way to take it back. Everyone in the conspiracy community warned this would happen, and now we all get to watch it happen.

Actually we are not seeing anything new with this, we are only seeing reality come out into the open after Trump forced it into the open. I quite frankly don't know what to say or do with this absent a properly directed civil war.

So where are we now? We are at:

1. The President can't overcome corruption in non-elected positions, the CIA and FBI out rank him and can simply shut him down. That is a serious crisis, unelected positions are supposed to have ZERO power, except for the supreme court. The only thing that made this reality is exactly what conspiracy theorists have said all along, now watch the results of zero action against it for decades unfold.

2. The enemy owned private sector has now, due to zero enforcement of anti trust laws for 30 years, grown as powerful as the government, if not more powerful. This has allowed a situation where sites like Google and Facebook and even ICANN can kill whoever they want. This is not supposed to be allowed to happen, yet here it is, and nothing can stop it when the government is completely corrupt, and will do nothing.

3. The enemy entirely owns all media that can come across a television or Facebook, except in very limited "we have to prove we are not totally censored" 3 cent hand outs to provide a thin veil of legitimacy with regard to openness. Forget Fox News, they'd never come clean on 911 and absent that they are as bad as the rest of them and exist only to pander to concerned Americans while providing a phoney alternate view.

4. The enemy entirely owns all mainstream medicine and is using mainstream medicine to destroy the population. Be it tainted vaccines, antidepressants, ridiculously over priced medical that is like a knife to the throat and casts people into poverty for things that elsewhere are simple cures and treatments, outright sabotage of health leading to cancers and many other maladies, corruption of alternate cures even in mainstream pharmacies which test out as completely fake while sold at top dollar, the list goes on and on. There is no way to fix the medical system, it like the previous 3 items needs to be completely trashed. If you can't trust your doctor because he's a big pharma sell out, it is time to hit reboot.

5. The enemy is currently making ALL computing platforms, and if anyone steps into the scene with anything new that is not completely hacked and can compete, they are either blocked from stores like the Amiga, or simply killed like Steve Jobs, who was actually a decent guy. You can forget the future of computers, I'd say if you want anything decent get an old Athlon thunderbird, rip the wifi out and run it offline with late 90's or early 2000's software only. The internet will soon be useless anyway, Google is working hard on that.

6. We currently live in a world where everyone carries a spy device that is the NSA's lucid dream. If you can't even convince a conspiracy theorist to not carry a smart phone there will be no civil war and no taking back of society, and that really is where we are. The takeover is so complete that the people who would stand a chance will not have a chance because one of their favorite toys will make that impossible. And if it is not the NSA stopping them, they will be stopped by the Mossad after everything they do gets routed through Israel's own intelligence, or whatever intelligence their own phone carrier has set up. We are so hopelessly screwed by the smart phone that there is rationally no way out of it.

PREDICITION: If the FBI is so corrupt it can just shut down Trump from exposing another watergate, it is GAME OVER. We actually need those people to take this country back, rather than away from us. With the FBI, CIA, and NSA as our enemy, as well as the judicial branch and other agencies like the EPA and DHS, and the police departments unilaterally standing down during riots rather than defending the people they are supposed to protect and serve, the writing is on the wall. It is GAME OVER, Trump WILL be flushed out now, and we are going straight to hell.

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Comment by Martin Harris on March 6, 2017 at 23:43

Do you have a link to the source for this John, or did you author it?

Need to know who to credit or link to if I use it, thanks!

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