#Corruptocrat: How a single hashtag can reclaim the world

Together we can kick-start a positive world ‘reset’

State of the Nation

The following excerpt nicely demonstrates the raw power and extraordinary potential of the Internet.

Lastly, the reader is encouraged to look at how extensively the world has changed with a single tweet: #MeToo. Just as a lone “butterfly beating its wings in Brazil” (e.g. #MeToo) effectively caused a “second Hurricane Harvey” in 2017, which then led to a full-blown HARVEYGEDDON, just think what many of the CIA ex-spooks and former FBI agents and DOJ attorneys can do by tweeting WHAT THEY KNOW about institutional crimes under the following hashtag: #Corruptocrat
(Source: L A W L E S S N E S S at the DOJ and FBI and C.I.A.)

Actually, the preceding word picture illustrates the awesome effects when the Internet is optimally leveraged to conduct this type of criminal disclosure campaign.


Just as #MeToo has depopulated American society of so many serial practitioners of sexual harassment and sex abuse in the workplace, so too can #Corruptocrat eliminate the many corrupt politicians (from both parties) and government officials.

This national Internet campaign hinges on a two-pronged strategy.

First, the many government service workers who have worked at the FBI, DOJ and CIA must be provided a “safe environment” to expose the criminality that they witnessed on the job.

The more cyber-warriors who use their various Internet platforms to support this “safe environment” the better.

It used to be that one whistleblower would be standing alone on the firing line after he or she just exposed a major institutional crime (or pattern of criminality).

As #MeToo has shown us, those days are over.  That movement grew the legs of a millipede practically overnight because those sexual harassment whistleblowers knew that in unity there is strength; and in great numbers there is great protection.

This is exactly how so many women, in particular, felt safe enough to out their abusers beginning with the notorious Harvey Weinstein.

Do you now see just how H U G E this new #Corruptocrat Internet campaign can become?

There are many tactics which can be employed in the execution of this disclosure campaign.

First, it’s essential to understand the underlying strategy.

This Internet campaign will utilize the same philosophy and principles that Saul Alinsky promoted in his Bolshevik handbook—Rules for Radicals.

The patriot movement is now compelled to fight fire with fire.  In so doing they can take down the entire Deep State … when they truly comprehend and put into practice the right MO.  Efficiently implementing the most applicable MO is absolutely essential to winning this war—the Second American Revolution.

Go after the individual perps!

READ more at http://stateofthenation2012.com/?p=91451

From Doreen

At this critical juncture between trans-humanism or enlightenment, enslavement or freedom, Earth held hostage by non-terrestrial discarnate entities or a new era of peace, balance, and freedom, we can help potentialize the hashtag #Corruptocrat by sharing more information about it.

To spread the word,  where you see a post or video about corruption, if you will, please post the following comment or use your own words with a live hashtag

#Corruptocrat How a single hashtag can reclaim the world http://stateofthenation2012.com/?p=91451

Thank you.

Doreen Ann Agostino
Without Prejudice and Without Recourse

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