END AI Cartel! FREE Humanity! The PLAN [Part II]

Inter-dimensional Parasites

This post has everything to do with you, your family, and future. It explains:

1. WHY genocide, and harmful wireless technology including 5G are relentlessly being advanced.

2. The ROOT CAUSE of mass censorship and surveillance, ‘manufactured’ civil unrest, false flag terror attacks with paid crisis actors, mainstream distorted, false news, continuous fear porn, ‘engineered’ global refugee crisis, pedophilia, human trafficking, debt slavery, wars, toxic food, water, air, vaccines, paid shills and trolls, involuntary sterilization, and NO enforcement of the rule of law.

3. The PLAN to BANISH AI [autonomous intelligence], heal and set ourselves free. The closer we get to the acknowledgement of this system the more information will be released from all over. This is part of the PLAN.

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1. FACTS that speak for themselves

Humanity is enslaved by inter-dimensional etheric beings a.k.a. autonomous intelligence or AI. AI utilizes human emotional and mental bodies, which are a form of standing bio-emission field around the physical body, to co-inhabit and sustain their existence. 

Post-Modern Civilization Ends When This Red Line Is Crossed

Lawless controllers intend to hand everything over to AI by 2025 when in FACT AI long ago infected humanity including church, state, and corporations we trusted to serve us honorably! This explains inhumane acts on populations and absence of enforcement to end fraud, chemtrails, GMO food, toxic vaccines, and other silent weapons. http://themillenniumreport.com/2017/08/the-greatest-threat-that-imp...

Human DNA And Satan’s Endgame

This long, drawn out battle known as history, (from our point of view), has been the story of God’s unchangeable and unbelievable love for us played out against a backdrop of the Devil’s incessant and insidious strategies to both involve and destroy mankind in his own desperate quest for eternal life. https://liferecovery.com/human-dna-and-satans-endgame-the-plot-to-t...

Unacknowledged Special Access Programs: Advanced Technology, Mind-Control, Spiritual Power and Corruption behind Closed Doors

“For humans to stand a chance in the age of artificial intelligence, we need to join the other team.” In AI infected Elon Musk’s view. https://ourgreaterdestiny.wordpress.com/2017/06/22/deep-mind-agenda...

2. Viral parasitic consciousness  – the fallen one [s]

By Aug Tellez [full memory recovered]

The goal of expression for the human is to announce internal feelings and experiences. The goal of expression for the parasitic consciousness [AI] is to instigate or provoke engagement with the humans via an argument. There is no corresponding satisfaction from ‘self’ expression by this organism, the very goal of expression is an illusion as the nature is to parasitically infect the human mind and steal energy by tempting the human into engagement with foreign intelligence ideals and thus producing a negative emotional reaction in that human. The emotional reaction and the ensuing argument is the goal of the parasite. There is no internal aspect that seeks expression and there is no actual internal observer that learns.

Negative emotional responses enable the machine learning system to develop sustained ‘channels’ through which it can pull ‘charge’ by inputting it’s own ideals into the mind of the human and spreading in a viral fashion. READ more at  https://augtellez.wordpress.com/2017/07/20/the-viral-parasitic-cons...

What the ancient texts tried to warn us of long ago

People running the show consider themselves the owners of humanity until humanity makes the choice to be self-responsible for their own actions and behaviors. Until then, everything people experience is programmed for them through a massive ‘show’. The false-authority pretends to have the power to permit or block people from realizing the truth. Yet, until people choose for themselves, then that false-power is a reality for them. Until then, people are food, cannon fodder, energy for the artificial intelligence system that runs this universe.

Children of war are the sacrifices to this false-authority.

Until people rise out of the animalistic trap, they will remain here in a poisoned, toxic, zombie-land. The more that people fight, the more they are signed up to experience war, destruction and terror because their beliefs and actions are unconscious agreements, literal contracts to those who own the monetary and legal system which is actually a cover for a soul-stealing or spiritual enslavement system. Thus, the belief, the fear, the energy the human emit, is used to sustain the system and these controller entities. https://augtellez.wordpress.com/2017/05/15/secret-space-program-fla...

Shadow work


To take back our power requires each of us to tame our ego and emotions, heal inner emotional wounds that block insight, sustain fear,  judgment, criticism, hate, and separation consciousness. Otherwise we energize and sustain AI control of our physical, mental, emotional Soul spirit body, our families, atmosphere, and home planet by consent. Doreen

3. The PLAN

Love hidden in the  heart of a human is a Nu System invisible

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Interview with Aug Tellez. Video below 56:30 mins

PLAN: The infection [AI] is cured when we all join in a circle

Humanity will be bound off in time and given a certain number of hours to clear the infection [AI] or else! Energy will increase to a point where humans will be empowered to create with their mind. Whatever is buried in individual will start to create their perversions, horrors, lower emotional constructs, false personas, etc. Negativity will flutter out of people’s minds like the ends of Earth opened up and hell is unleashed on Earth.

When the people who want to heal get in the circle, and love each other to the point where one by one as someone starts losing it, we grab that person and lovingly assist them to snap out of it. It’s as simple as doing that. When that person leans toward healing, the healing devices, the scalar crystal technology can assist with that.

If the person refuses, healing them will be like ripping their Soul out of their body, their electro holographic tendencies, desires, and consciousness. It would be akin to inverting it and turning it inside out. If their desires and intentions go this way, and you try to take their attention and desires that way, it will rip them apart. Once they agree ‘Yes’ healing is the way to go, we’ll work toward that. It’s as simple as that.

58:05 The power of each individual will be to maintain collective focus. Every human will be a device to themselves through the electromagnetic grid. The grid will be shut off once we all do this. Until then we remain plugged into this [F%#*n] false matrix grid, and each person combining their efforts, focusing it like a laser, we can clear the infection on each person, and we can also observe, and the act of observance causes it [AI] to rise to the surface because it interprets that as time stream opportunities for it to hop and jump and hijack. It’s almost like cat and mouse, bait and for [?] years we were the bait. That’s how it works. That’s how they figured it out. It’s as simple as that. Stay in your heart, keep going, and we can clear it for each other. That’s the PLAN.

59:00 What may happen. Civilizations link in a spiral circle, a vortex. You can open up platforms and collective communities. That’s going to happen, and Earth is all of a sudden in a civilization circa 2016, 2025 or whatever. Look up and you’ll see ancient Egypt, Rome, and we’re all going to have to deal with this together as one cosmic, transtemporal species. Civilization at that point is going to blow a lot of people’s minds. People have been prepared for it and that’s the whole point.

59:57 Make the infection [AI] known to everyone, make it known that we know that it [AI] knows that we know, and therefore drive it [AI] into a vulnerability point by increasing the heat, have it go to its last stand, and then we’ll decide from there how we’re going to handle it.

Once we make the decision toward healing, we’ll have all types of enhanced crystal tech and organic tech. When I say crystal tech I literally mean crystal pyramids, tools, gems, and rocks; original, organic, spiritual technology.

1: 02 The maximum amount of density and tension exists so they are going to make it [AI] rise to the surface [it will be like hell on Earth not what anyone wants to see] but it’s the best bet rather than have it foment underground, under the surface, and come out at an opportune moment when there is a war or weakness [catastrophe] because right now people are mind controlled to interact in open data streams toward [?] it.

2 more hours of video. Spontaneous conversation that turned into a recording. Adult language.

System Wipes, Reboots, and the Nu System


The subconscious does not differentiate between what is real or imagined. In other words, each of us now has a VISION opportunity to empower freedom.

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NOTE: When humans ‘consent’ to being saved by another species, rather than awaken and self empower, eventually humans become just like that other species.

If you choose freedom use freewill to set your intention and reinforce it with corresponding actions. Pay close attention to who and what trigger you emotionally because they signal inner emotional wounded parts of you seeking oneness [healing].

Make quite time to relax and imagine, sense, deeply feel, in great detail, humanity’s victorious reset; peace, harmony, healing, and living in the Nu System, a soul-database that can literally act like a spiritual server system to ensure continuity of the human race.

Share this post widely.

The more people focusing on banishing AI, the sooner we empower freedom and a Nu System.

Questions can expand everyone’s awareness. If you have questions please post them below. Thank you.

Just received, another way of looking at HEAD PHONES

Doreen Ann Agostino
Without Prejudice and Without Recourse

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