Simulation Hypothesis Vs. Materialism

Modern physics proves that a part of our sub-conscious is inseparable from Primordial Consciousness, the One True Creator of all that was, is and, ever can be.

Atoms or elementary particles are not real, they are potentialities or possibilities that respond when observed [ideas are more fundamental than objects]. In other words, the Power to change outer reality from inside each of us is real.

Is reality real or are we living in a complex, sophisticated illusion where the Universe is more like a dream than ever imagined? Welcome to the simulation hypothesis.

Not only are we living in a simulation, it’s generated by a system we can contact with our mind and actually change the simulation itself; in effect, hack the universe.

Everything begins with Consciousness, a Universal Intelligence behind what we experience as physical matter. Just like when you dream, your mind generates a physical experience for you while you sleep, during wake time you generate the reality you live in. You can do this intentionally so life happens by you [empowered] or by default where life happens to you [dis-empowered].

Comments below from the individual who sent the video. May everyone benefit.

I want to make it very clear Doreen that what I convey to you here is simply my opinion, but it’s based on years of research and 100’s of rabbit holes.  I do not expect you or anyone else to believe what I believe, however many of us have discovered and exposed so much corruption and greed the last few decades, that we know it cannot be an accident or coincidence, but in fact is most likely by design.

So much is now being traced back to this transhuman agenda, where the end game is ‘singularity’, the merging of humans and AI.  If this agenda is allowed to manifest, or cannot be stopped, mankind’s future may be bleak indeed.  So how can it be stopped?  Sharing with others is one way, but again the masses are so distracted, and narcissism is becoming a pandemic.

Perhaps if humanity is meant to survive, it may take Divine or galactic intervention, as it seems very clear that this agenda is accelerating too fast for society to wake up in time to unify, and to simply stop consenting to our rights being taken away.  Again, maybe humanity won’t survive, but if that is our fate, I still feel that this realm is very possibly all scripted, and if so, all of this has already played out.

Bible scholars world-wide have stated that many if not all prophesies in the scriptures have come true, and are still coming true today.  And if that’s true, there must be a Divine plan and that implies that we are all playing our roles here, as per the ‘script’.  It is clear that we are all exactly where we’re ‘supposed’ to Be, as evidenced by the fact that this is exactly where we Are, day by day, moment by moment!

I have complete faith that we’ll be fine, and I find myself at peace within regardless of the outer drama.  If we are truly eternal Beings, this realm may simply be a medium for us to experience this land of duality.  The simulation theory has shifted my entire scope of what is really going on here.  END

Please share so more people can look at reality from other perspectives. Thank you.

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