'Vaccine Safety Commission': 50 studies the AAP failed to send President Trump

Vaccine Safety Commission : 50 Studies the AAP failed to send President Trump.

50 Studies the AAP failed to send to Trump.

I am new at this ''posting'' thing. Not sure what I'm suppose to do, so hopefully this works.

Above is the link regarding the 50 studies, there is a lot to read but well worth studying and arming ourselves for when the ''system'' tells us ''this is good for you'''!

How can we have faith in a ''system'' that proves itself to be full of  deception and manipulation. It's like playing Lotto with the younger generations.

I vaccinated my children from my first marriage. My second marriage (I don't collect husbands) we did our homework (older and wiser) and chose to use Homeopathic vaccinations. I armed myself ready for ill health that my first born had and surprise surprise that never eventuated. 

It's a bit like when we ran sheep, the more we pored on their backs and injected into them, the more they needed. When we started using cider vinegar and garlic in the troughs we used less of the other. By the time we started running cattle we only drenched once upon coming onto our property and only used the garlic/cider vinegar in their troughs and they were off our property by year 2.

I always ask the question ''why are our young so unwell''

I'm  a support worker and have clients into their late 80's 90's and even 102 year old. Dear I say it they have cream and ''real butter'' in their fridges. I take note of these things and find them a wealth of information. Information from the ""horses mouth'' so to speak, is invaluable.

If I ask them have they been vaccinated the NO I get is said in a voice of no nonsense!

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Comment by Sarah Hornibrooke on February 19, 2017 at 16:53

I am sure all 50  will get through to Trump now, but will MSM report on it. They have been given enough rope and now they hang themselves.

50 Studies the AAP Forgot

"My favorite part of the Vaccine Safety Commission website are the 50 studies they provide that the AAP “forgot” to include in their letter to President Trump. Note that the complete study is available by clicking on each study title (and here’s a pdf with every study in one place). I hope you enjoy reading these studies from all over the world, and I hope they make you think or say the thing I keep thinking and saying:"

“Who wouldn’t want safer vaccines?”

Comment by catio on February 19, 2017 at 16:25

Nice 1st post Susan.  It is revealing the amount of rubbish involved in our healthcare system.  I vaccinated both my  children until just prior to starting to school for my youngest.  Thank goodness I got a grip when on my daughters class filing in to get the HVP I left her out of that line up.  I learned too late.  When my daughter was 4 months old I will alerted to have a look at vaccinations by my cousins wife who was a nurse.  I didnt look.  Big regret.

Comment by renate on February 19, 2017 at 15:53

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