In memory of Fukushima - Radioactive by Saru G and Ghost Hacked

Dedicated to

Christina "Rad Chick" Consolo & Kevin Blanch 

Lest we forget

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Comment by renate yesterday

Another troll off my list and if he is a skulls & bones/illuminati ron paul fan well, james is just an useful idiot. Who knows james back ground? ??? who cares, I've had enough. 

Comment by renate yesterday
That's why James Corbett wasn't worried about leaving Japan. That shitty little penis. I even emailed him to get out...! fuck what an ass I am.
Here's a Conversation, March 24, 2011: Recorded almost 7 years ago to the day (and 13 days following the 3/11 attack on Japan) reviewing the FACTS surrounding the radiation hysteria campaign stemming from the mini-nuke sabotage at the Daiichi Nuclear station between March 12-March 14, 2011.
Comment by rose on Tuesday

Shakes head at Nexus's reporting these days.

Fukushima's long road to recovery

It was supposed to be a day of celebration. But Rio Watanabe's graduation ceremony became memorable for all the wrong reasons.Mr Watanabe, who was just 23 years old at the time, was in Tokyo when the ground started to shake.Seven years after the disaster, Tepco employees are still trying to repair the damage caused by the nuclear meltdownJapan is used to earthquakes. It experiences more than 100,000 of them every year, according to the Japan Meteorological Agency.But the tremors on 11 March 2011 were so...
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Comment by renate on Monday

I'm so confused. Think we better concentrate on what's being sprayed on us and what frequencies are aimed at our brains. 

Comment by renate on Monday

Comment by rose on Sunday

From Christina "Rad Chick" Consolo

Comment by cats pajamas on Sunday

Whoop whoop! Getting in the zone here guys., hadn't forgot..remember it happenin and thinking OK is this it? (the end game)..will anyone even notice?

Turns out most didn't but some did. Gotta remember major change always comes from the fringe before it hits the mainstream. Awesome work.

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